Monday, October 20, 2008

The Arrival of a New People: looks like they are here to stay

As noted in The Future of Freedom Foundation's Email Update from Friday:
If republican principles are to perish in America, they will succumb only after a long, frequently interrupted, repeatedly renewed period of social travail. They will more than once seem to be reborn, and will disappear forever only when an entirely new people has taken the place of the one that exists right now. Such a revolution can have no harbinger, no premonitory sign. [emphasis added]

— Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America [1835]
The new people have arrived, and based on a comment left on this blog, they live and breath envy, dreaming of a socialist utopia:
Wow, $6,000 in school taxes, I wish I could be so lucky to have such a large and expensive house. Somehow that statement doesn't buy a lot of sympathy from me.
Tocqueville was right. When the ideals of a new people replace the ideals of our founding, the republican principals will disappear forever. A sad state of affairs.


Anonymous said...

Those NEW PEOPLE are everywhere now.
Everywhere "discussions" such as these at Anti-Positivist take place, at sites like the Lancaster Eagle Gazette web site, citizens express the very same envy and demand for government-stolen largesse that is exposed here. This is the doing of GOVERNMENT. Those who are employed by government and supported by government's stealing by taxation feel entitled and many of those are employed to make others feel entitled. The philosophy that is pushed via television (controlled by the same bunch who control government) reinforces what government teaches. Newspapers ALWAYS endorse more and higher taxes for government schools.
A few years ago I learned that one of the main talking heads (I could name him) for a local station was also on a local suburban school board. In fact, many of the people we see on the idiot box doing "news" either came from government jobs or leave TV to go into government jobs. Quite a few of them were school teachers before they got into TV jobs. As for school teachers, parents actually let them get by with on-the-job-preaching to students that parents owe them and the schools they work in higher taxes. In my community a mid-day parade was held with teachers and students marching through the streets promoting a levy/bond issue. Tax-payer owned school property is used to place campaign signs promoting levies and bond issues, rubbing salt into wounds.

Anonymous said...

I'm the one that made that comment and it has nothing to do with American principles. It has to do with greed.

That person was bemoaning that fact they pay $6000 in school taxes. Based on that fact, they have a significant amount of money beyond what I do. Their problem is managing their money and living within their means, not the school district that they live within.

If you want to talk about American principles, we can talk about returning some of your success to the community. Bill Gates has been well spoke in this topic recently. Or we can talk about the history of universal education and the benefits to our country. Or we can talk about where greed and avarice fits into our history. America has been more about working together and taking care of each other than this site would have one believe.

mother of olentangy kid said...

to 12:43 I feel completely sorry for you. What a sad individual. You must have no happiness in your professional as well as personal life and feel that you must bring others done with you. I hope one day you can find some happiness in your miserable life. Until then, I too will enjoy my "large house" and large taxes and will continue to PAY MY BILLS!! Enjoy!!

Jim Fedako said...

12:43 --

Since when is greed the desire to keep what is mine?

Reread your comment. It is pure envy. Sure you dress it in calls for "returning," but you really mean returning to pay for what your desire.

It's nothing less than greed and theft.

C.C. said...


I echo Mother's comments. You don't know don't know my community don't know squat!

I am not bemoaning a thing...I am stating a fact. Let me state another taxes will be going up close to $1,800 with this new levy...bringing my school tax bill to $7,800.

With all that we pay...(67% of your property tax bill...if you pay the schools), we have the right to have accountability and transparency in their operations.

We have to right to question dinner expenditures at local restaurants for over $2,000 and misc catering to the tune of over $1,000. Why....because it is our money! It isn't for the kids, it is for the administrators.

Tell me what your school tax bill is and I'll tell you where they waste it!

You might be surprised, but with a little research you would find the median home value in Powell is $401,000 which gets you a school tax bill of $5k. There's quite a lot of those in this district.

Jim you should be apprears that Sen. Obama is reading your blog and advocating spreading the wealth around!

Maybe he'll call his friend Mr Gates and have the foundation give OLSD new computers...oh..wait, they bought cool new Apples for Orange High and the administrators.

Strike that thought!

Anonymous said...

12:43 ...I'm the one paying $6K and you are a hate filled liberal. A hate filled socialist who believes that giving back is a mandatory activity that government should control via taxes.

You don't know me. You don't know how much I give philanthropically to charitable organizations. You don't know my financial situation or how I invest and manage my money. You don't know if I'm living within my means or if I'm skimping by paycheck to paycheck.

I give, I sponsor, I support, I donate.... I give to organizations that I believe in. Organizations that align with my values and my interests and my religious beliefs. I invest my time and money to charities that I believe will make a difference in society.

What you don't get is that I give what is rightly and fully mine and I, me, myself, me casa, numero uno, big cahuna, the big dog, I get to decide who gets what is mine and I, along with my family, get to experience the pure joy and excitement out of doing so.

You on the other hand would rather take my money and allocate it to causes that you believe and benefit from. You would rather steal from me and give to the schools, to planned parenthood, to abortion centers, etc. so your kids can benefit from it. And sadly, you take great pleasure in doing so because in your liberal mind, those who "have" SHOULD give to those who don't. The "rich" should be FORCED to "pay it forward" to the causes that you only wish you could donate too.

Thanks for stealing from the church from which I'm a member. Thanks for stealing from kids who need an advocate in court to provide a second chance in life. Thanks for stealing from the Red Cross. Thanks for stealing from Pregnancy Decision Health Centers. Thanks for stealing from the Childrens Diabetes Association. Thanks for stealing from the American Cancer Society. Thanks for stealing form the Ronald McDonald House downtown. All of these charities have you to thank for the reduction in charitable donations that I can provide for them next year, as I balance my budget and reduce my "flexible spending account" by the $1600 increase in taxes that you stole from me at the ballot box.

For the record, I never bemoaned paying $6K in taxes. Your envy filled hatred for the successful and productive members of our society forced you to interpret a fact as something other than its intended context. But that doesn't surprise me becuase your level of reading comprehension, or a lack there of, is exactly why you don't pay $6K in property taxes.

I don't know you, but I'm praying for you. I hope that somehow, God can enter your soul so that when you see a BMW driving woman, a man standing in front of his $1M home, a man/woman in a nice suit walking down the street with a rolex, etc... you don't draw the negative conclusion that he/she is the greedy money hungry pig you currently think they are.

Anonymous said...

I hope the guy who advocates having the government steal for him doesn't continue to put others on the defensive. Don't feel the need to defend yourself to him. It wouldn't matter if you didn't give a penny to charitable causes. He and his kind still aren't entitled to your money/stuff. You are not obliged to donate to justify yourselves. You don't owe him a thing.

Anonymous said...

"Or we can talk about the history of universal education"

Yes, we could talk about that history and if we did we would learn how forced government "schooling" came about and why. We would learn how hard teachers' unions fight against home schooling and how hard some State governments fight to keep parents from home schooling.

Anonymous said...

Folks, I'm not the hate filled one. Look in the mirror to see hate. I'm not the one who keeps complaining about stealing. I'm not the one who scans a $100 million budget line by line for a $1,000 expense and than make it a capital offense. I'm not the one who is paranoid that the board and administration of a local school district is in some conspiracy to screw you.

First, taxes are not stealing. Taxes are you paying for local services that you agree to pay by moving into the area and living here. They are no more stealing than paying your association fees (I'm sure that is somehow stealing also).

As to my happiness, I'm very happy. I look at my local government and realize we live in a pretty good place compared to most everywhere else we could live. I have a nice house, good family, good schools, good public infrastructure. I look at the bigger picture and think we've got it pretty good except for a few troublemakers who can never be happy with what is around them and fear that the world is out to get them and take their pennies from under the bed.

Like I said, you people may want to look in the mirror.

C.C. said...

2:30am Anon

Thanks for morning pick me up.

I must admit...I slept well last night!

Deep Breath and a vat of coffee! Time to earn more dollars to give to the government!!

Anonymous said...


What's a few thousand? When it adds up to a few's called, no budget shortfall!

The district hasn't even started collecting the latest levy...still has $23 million from old levies back to 2000...and is forecasting an $8 million or so shortfall in 3 years.

Perhaps by saving thousands..line by line...we can make the levy last 4 years...unless of course you enjoy paying additional taxes without precondition.

Waste does not build trust. Remember it took a $600 hammer in a $300 billion budget to wake up the Defense Department...I put $79 iPods in a $123 million budget in that category.

Maybe the district can Sponsor the Red iPod award like DOD does the Hammer Award.

We're not angry! We're not bitter! We're not against the kids or even the teachers! We're not jealous of those in bigger houses! We aren't blind either!

We just want honesty, transparency and accountability.

Anonymous said...


A nights rest still leaves you in the moron category.



You are spot on. However I fealt better after venting so it was worth the time.

Anonymous said...

"First, taxes are not stealing. Taxes are you paying for local services that you agree to pay by moving into the area and living here. They are no more stealing than paying your association fees (I'm sure that is somehow stealing also)."

We don't get a choice. No matter where we go we are bled dry. The only way out is to become a street person.
Even if you put up a teepee and live in it you'll have to pay Leviathan.
As we become poorer Leviathan just increases our taxes to make up for our decreased incomes.
Lots of your neighbors campaign for higher school taxes but note how parents squeal when they are asked to "pay to play" for their own children at their government schools. They expect all their fellow taxpayers to do the paying for their kids to play.

Anonymous said...

10:27 PM - That was the most heartfelt and moving post I've read on this blog in a long time.

8:53 AM - Julie - whoever you are - I think you need to take another look in the mirror, and then stick your head through it.