Saturday, April 05, 2008

Academics under Davis

A blog reader asked about the academic performance of the district under Davis. One thing to note is that, as far as I can tell, the board never discussed academics while Davis was superintendent, save the annual CIP review. That is a huge departure from the previous superintendent.

Of course, you can blame this issue -- and, most other issues -- on a board that has no backbone. Davis runs the show. To wit: He is noted in the paper as having selected a short list of replacements. Folks, government in the US is not supposed to be a fiefdom, where the king picks his successor.

Back to academics. I haven't seen any improvements. The last I saw, the district is ranked in the 90's. So, Davis took a district ranked top 15 -- or better -- in demographics and produced results well below expectations. To be fair, Reimer did no better. But, at least he was paid much less.


Anonymous said...

I don't know what data you are looking at but if it is that old reading data you trot out, the numbers are really deceiving. We are testing over a 1000 students versus districts that test 50 or 30.

Comparing all categories with similarly sized districts, we rank very well with Dublin, Worthington, New Albany and even Upper Arlington. I used the PI on the state site for 2007.

And we spend a lot less money.

taxpayer of 3 said...

But Stan's niece got an art scholarship and one kid got a music scholarship.

From the district website..
"Four Olentangy Seniors Advance as Semi-finalists in National Merit Scholarship Competition
Four of Olentangy Local Schools’ 12 National Merit Scholars (NMS) have been selected to continue in the National Merit Scholarship Competition as semi-finalists. This is the highest number of NMS and semi-finalists in Olentangy’s history. All 12 of Olentangy’s National Merit Scholars will be recognized at an October board meeting."

12 seniors out of 641 and 4 semifinalists. What an awful percentage.

My high school over 25 years ago...289 grads, 38 merit scholars...12 semi..5 finalists. No art program..but we did have music.

Wonder if any of those kids made cool pottery mugs as part of the test?

Anonymous said...

Oh, great--this clown is picking his replacement?

Davis came from Morgan County, right? Isn't that where "Deliverance" was filmed? You know, where "dueling banjos" is played on shabby porches and filthy rednecks walk around with pumpkin smiles and shotguns?

And this guy, a retread from a non-achieving/ non-distinguished school district, is picking our new super?

How was he even qualified on paper to have even gotten the chance to apply for OLSD? Oh, yeah...he probably knew somebody.

"Honey--where's that bar of soap and razor--I got some interviewin' to do up in Olentangy! Them is some real nice people--and rich too! I can snooker 'em reeeeeeal goooood..."

Jim Fedako said...

1:19 --

You sound like a complete fool. Take a statistic course ... it would do you good.

By the way, and you can easily show this: The is NO correlation between school size and results.

And, get this, learning is done in the classroom, it is not a district-wide activity.

I shake my head at such foolishness. And, you are a functional adult. Right?

Anonymous said...

So what data are you looking at?

How do the 89 school districts that rank above us rank in ESL students? Poverty rates? Spending per student?

I've taken enough statistics to know that when you cherry pick, you can pretty much show anything you want.

I'm sure the 510 districts that ranked below us would like to have our performance. The districts that ranked above us would like to have our performance in the advanced and accelerated categories where 63 percent of our students tested.

Jim Fedako said...

Still playing in the intellectual sandbox?

The comparative stat is the state's Performance Index. Which -- had you known anything about it -- provides bonuses for advanced and accelerated. Those 89 district have to have higher scores at those levels, or else they couldn't rank above us.

The state ranks the district demographically in the top 15 statewide. Given that, it is the 75 or so districts scoring above us that are shaking THEIR heads wondering how a wealthy district such as Olentangy is so far down the list.

Your analogy is akin to stating that a Yankee team that finishes at the bottom is actually doing well; it is better than a host of minor league teams, so is actually ranked high against all pro baseball teams.

I'm certain that all minor league teams would like to perform as the bottom-dwelling Yankee team hypothesized above.

Steinbrenner would have your head.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for filling in the mystery. I thought you might be comparing reading data like you have in the past. I'm glad to see you have moved on to the PI.

Olentangy ranks 83rd out of over 1005 districts listed in the state data. We are tied with New Albany and Wayne.

I haven't finished cross referencing all the districts above us but out of 20 districts, we easily rank in the bottom half of cost per students. For example, New Albany spends $10,874 and Wayne spends $7975 per student.

We've also improved our PI over each year except last year. In 2000 we had a PI of 93.8 and by 2006 it was 102.8.

I find it interesting that you keep saying we are a wealthy district and should perform better but on the other side, claim we are spending too much money. What we are doing is balancing good value: strong academic performance with reasonable spending per student.

Jim Fedako said...

Good night. When I went to bed there were only 614 districts in Ohio, and now there are 1005. They are growing like rabbits. What in the world happened?

Go back and check your data, you couldn't be any more off.

Anonymous said...

Regardless if the district improved or did not (my understanding is that our score is slightly lower in 2007 than what it was in 2006--and this can be due to state-revised ESL/disabled scoring), the gains can be attributed to demographic shift, and not the miraculous "hand of Davis" crap he and the blowhards on the board would have us believe.

Olentangy's ascension up the achievement ladder these last few years is sure to level off when the influx does. More kids, higher on the socioeconomic scale = higher achievement and outcomes for the district. It's really that simple.

Anonymous said...

If you knew the data, you would know there are 1005 districts listed in the state data tables. There are really only 615 (or 614) but they include scores for vocational districts and other special school districts.

For example, the highest scoring "district" is a special autistic school. They spend $26,000 per student.

Jim Fedako said...

Come on now, only a neophyte would conflate schools district with community schools, career centers, etc.

Take some time to understand what you are looking at. A school district is a school district, but a charter school is NOT a school district.

Why do I even waste my time with some folks?

Jim Fedako said...

"There are really only 615 (or 614) but they include scores for vocational districts and other special school districts."

No, they don't include "vocational and other special districts."

Get something right for once!

Anonymous said...

Here are 880 of the 1005 selections on the state report generator list. The other 125 don't seem to export. I'm only reporting what the state lists. Some districts appear to be split but the 89 ranking for OLSD is based on the count of this list. If you reduce it to 614, OLSD will move up.

New Choices Community School
A.B. Miree Fundamental Academy
A+ Arts Academy
Academic Acceleration Academy
Academy of Arts and Humanities
Academy of Arts and Sciences
Academy Of Business & Tech
Academy of Cleveland
Academy of Columbus
Academy Of Dayton
Ada Exempted Village
Adams County/Ohio Valley Local
Adena Local
Akron City
Akron Digital Academy
Alexander Local
Allen East Local
Alliance Academy of Cincinnati
Alliance City
Alternative Education Academy
Amanda-Clearcreek Local
Amherst Exempted Village
Anna Local
Ansonia Local
Anthony Wayne Local
Antwerp Local
Apex Academy
Arcadia Local
Arcanum-Butler Local
Archbold-Area Local
Arise Academy
Arlington Local
Arts & College Preparatory Academy
Arts Academy West, The
Arts Academy, The
Arts and Science Academy
Arts and Science Preparatory Academy
Ashland City
Ashtabula Area City
Athens City
Auglaize County Educational Academy
Auglaize County Special Needs School
Aurora Academy
Aurora City
Austintown Local
Avon Lake City
Avon Local
Ayersville Local
Barberton City
Barnesville Exempted Village
Batavia Local
Bath Local
Bay Village City
Beachwood City
Beaver Local
Beavercreek City
Bedford City
Bellaire City Local
Bellefontaine City
Bellevue City
Belpre City
Benjamin Logan Local
Bennett Venture Academy
Benton Carroll Salem Local
Berea City
Berkshire Local
Berlin-Milan Local
Berne Union Local
Bethel-Tate Local
Bethel Local
Bettsville Local
Bexley City
Big Walnut Local
Black River Local
Blanchester Local
Bloom-Carroll Local
Bloom-Vernon Local
Bloomfield-Mespo Local
Bluffton Exempted Village
Boardman Local
Botkins Local
Bowling Green City
Bradford Exempted Village
Brecksville-Broadview Heights City
Bridgeport Exempted Village
Bright Local
Bristol Local
Brookfield Local
Brooklyn City
Brookville Local
Brown Local
Brunswick City
Bryan City
Buckeye Central Local
Buckeye Local
Buckeye Local
Buckeye Local
Buckeye On-Line School for Success
Buckeye Valley Local
Bucyrus City
Caldwell Exempted Village
Cambridge City
Campbell City
Canal Winchester Local
Canfield Local
Canton Academy, The
Canton Arts Academy
Canton City
Canton Local
Capitol City Academy
Cardinal Local
Cardington-Lincoln Local
Carey Exempted Village
Carlisle Local
Carrollton Exempted Village
Cedar Cliff Local
Celina City
Centerburg Local
Centerville City
Central Local
Chagrin Falls Exempted Village
Champion Local
Chardon Local
Chase Academy for Communication Arts
Chesapeake Union Exempted Village
Chillicothe City
Chippewa Local
Cincinnati City
Cincinnati College Preparatory Academy
Cincinnati Preparatory and Fitness Academy
Cincinnati Speech & Reading Intervention Center
Circleville City
Citizens Academy
City Day Community School
Clark-Shawnee Local
Clay Local
Claymont City
Clear Fork Valley Local
Clearview Local
Clermont Northeastern Local
Cleveland Academy for Scholarship Technology and Leadership
Cleveland Arts and Social Sciences Academy
Cleveland Entreprenuership Preparatory School
Cleveland Heights-University Heights City
Cleveland Lighthouse Charter Community School East
Cleveland Lighthouse Charter Community School West
Cleveland Municipal City
Clinton-Massie Local
Cloverleaf Local
Clyde-Green Springs Exempted Village
Coldwater Exempted Village
Colin Powell Leadership Acad
College Corner Local
Colonel Crawford Local
Columbia Local
Columbiana Exempted Village
Columbus Arts & Technology Academy
Columbus City
Columbus Grove Local
Columbus Humanities, Arts and Technology Academy
Columbus Preparatory Academy
Columbus Preparatory and Fitness Academy
Conneaut Area City
Conotton Valley Union Local
Continental Local
Copley-Fairlawn City
Cory-Rawson Local
Coshocton City
Coshocton Opportunity School
Coventry Local
Covington Exempted Village
Crestline Exempted Village
Crestview Local
Crestview Local
Crestview Local
Crestwood Local
Crittenton Community School
Crooksville Exempted Village
Cuyahoga Falls City
Cuyahoga Heights Local
Dalton Local
Danbury Local
Danville Local
Dawson-Bryant Local
Dayton Academy, The
Dayton City
Dayton Technology Design High School
Dayton View Academy
Deer Park Community City
Defiance City
Delaware City
Delphos City
Dohn Community
Dover City
Dublin City
Eagle Academy
Eagle Heights Academy
Eagle Learning Center
East Cleveland City
East Clinton Local
East End Comm Heritage School
East End Community School
East Guernsey Local
East Holmes Local
East Knox Local
East Liverpool City
East Muskingum Local
East Palestine City
Eastern Local
Eastern Local
Eastern Local
Eastwood Local
Eaton Community City
Edge Academy, The
Edgerton Local
Edgewood City
Edison Local
Edon-Northwest Local
Education Alternatives Community School
Educational Academy at Linden
Educational Academy for Boys & Girls
Electronic Classroom Of Tomorrow
Elgin Local
Elida Local
Elite Academy of the Arts
Elmwood Local
Elyria City
Elyria Community School
Emerson Academy
Englewood Peace Academy
Euclid City
Evergreen Local
Fairbanks Local
Fairborn City
Fairfield City
Fairfield Local
Fairfield Union Local
Fairland Local
Fairlawn Local
Fairless Local
Fairport Harbor Exempted Village
Fairview Park City
Fayetteville-Perry Local
FCI Academy
Federal Hocking Local
Felicity-Franklin Local
Field Local
Findlay City
Findlay Digital Academy
Finneytown Local
Firelands Local
Focus Learning Academy of Northern Columbus
Focus Learning Academy of Southeastern Columbus
Focus Learning Academy of Southwest Columbus
Forest Hills Local
Fort Frye Local
Fort Loramie Local
Fort Recovery Local
Fostoria City
Foxfire Center For Student Success
Franklin City
Franklin Local
Franklin Monroe Local
Fredericktown Local
Fremont City
Frontier Local
Gahanna-Jefferson City
Galion City
Gallia County Local
Gallipolis City
Garaway Local
Garfield Heights City
General Chappie James Leadership Academy
Geneva Area City
Genoa Area Local
George A. Phillips Academy
George Washington Carver Preparatory Academy
Georgetown Exempted Village
Gibsonburg Exempted Village
Girard City
Glass City Academy
Gorham Fayette Local
Goshen Local
Graham Local
Graham School, The
Grand Valley Local
Grandview Heights City
Granville Exempted Village
Granville T Woods Comm Shule
Great Western Academy
Greater Achievement Community School
Greater Heights Academy
Green Local
Green Local
Green Local
Greeneview Local
Greenfield Exempted Village
Greenon Local
Greenville City
Groveport Community School
Groveport Madison Local
Hamilton City
Hamilton Cnty Math & Science
Hamilton Local
Hamilton Local Digital Academy
Hardin-Houston Local
Hardin Northern Local
Harmony Community School
Harrison Hills City
Harvard Avenue Community School
Heath City
Heir Force Community School
Hicksville Exempted Village
Highland Local
Highland Local
Hilliard City
Hillsboro City
Hillsdale Local
Holgate Local
Hope Academy Broadway Campus
Hope Academy Brown St Campus
Hope Academy Canton Campus
Hope Academy Cathedral Campus
Hope Academy Chapelside Campus
Hope Academy Cuyahoga Campus
Hope Academy East Campus
Hope Academy High School - Cleveland Campus
Hope Academy Lincoln Park
Hope Academy Northwest Campus
Hope Academy University
Hope Northcoast Academy
Hopewell-Loudon Local
Horizon Science Acad Cleveland
Horizon Science Acad Columbus
Horizon Science Academy-Cincinnati
Horizon Science Academy-Cleveland Middle School
Horizon Science Academy-Dayton
Horizon Science Academy-Denison Middle School
Horizon Science Academy-Springfield
Horizon Science Academy Toledo
Howland Local
Hubbard Exempted Village
Huber Heights City
Hudson City
Huntington Local
Huron City
Ida B Wells Community Academy
Imani Learning Academy
Independence Local
Indian Creek Local
Indian Hill Exempted Village
Indian Lake Local
Indian Valley Local
Interactive Media & Construction (IMAC)
Intergenerational School, The
International Acad Of Columbus
International College Preparatory Academy
Ironton City
Jackson-Milton Local
Jackson Center Local
Jackson City
Jackson Local
James A Garfield Local
Jefferson Area Local
Jefferson Local
Jefferson Township Local
Jennings Local
Johnstown-Monroe Local
Jonathan Alder Local
Joseph Badger Local
Kalida Local
Kelleys Island Local
Kenston Local
Kent City
Kenton City
Kettering City
Keystone Local
King Academy Community School
Kings Local
Kirtland Local
LaBrae Local
Lake Erie Academy
Lake Local
Lake Local
Lakeview Local
Lakewood City
Lakewood Local
Lakota Local
Lakota Local
Lancaster City
Lebanon City
Ledgemont Local
Leetonia Exempted Village
Legacy Acad For Leaders & Arts
Leipsic Local
Lexington Local
Liberty-Benton Local
Liberty Center Local
Liberty Local
Liberty Union-Thurston Local
Licking Heights Local
Licking Valley Local
Life Skills Center-Middletown
Life Skills Center-Springfield
Life Skills Center Canton
Life Skills Center Of Akron
Life Skills Center of Columbus North
Life Skills Center of Columbus Southeast
Life Skills Center of Dayton
Life Skills Center of Elyria
Life Skills Center Of Hamilton County
Life Skills Center of North Akron
Life Skills Center Of Summit County
Life Skills Center Of Toledo
Life Skills Ctr Of Cincinnati
Life Skills Ctr Of Cleveland
Life Skills Ctr Of Lake Erie
Life Skills Ctr Of Youngstown
Life Skills Of Northeast Ohio
Life Skills Of Trumbull County
Lighthouse Comm & Prof Dev
Lighthouse Community Sch Inc
Lima City
Lincolnview Local
Lion of Judah Academy
Lisbon Exempted Village
Little Miami Local
Lockland Local
Logan-Hocking Local
Logan Elm Local
London City
Lorain Academy For Gifted Students
Lorain Alternative Academy
Lorain City
Lorain Community Middle School
Lorain Community School
Lorain High School Digital
Lordstown Local
Loudonville-Perrysville Exempted Village
Louisville City
Loveland City
Lowellville Local
Lucas Local
Lynchburg-Clay Local
M.O.D.E.L. Community School
Mad River Local
Madeira City
Madison-Plains Local
Madison Community School
Madison Local
Madison Local
Madison Local
Mahoning Unlimited Classroom
Mahoning Valley Opportunity Center
Main Street Automotive Magnet School
Manchester Local
Manchester Local
Mansfield City
Mansfield Community
Mansfield Enhancement Academy
Mansfield Preparatory Academy
Maple Heights City
Mapleton Local
Maplewood Local
Marcus Garvey Academy
Margaretta Local
Mariemont City
Marietta City
Marion City
Marion Local
Maritime Academy of Toledo, The
Marlington Local
Martins Ferry City
Marysville Exempted Village
Mason City
Massillon City
Mathews Local
Maumee City
Mayfield City
Maysville Local
McComb Local
Mcdonald Local
Meadows Choice Community
Mechanicsburg Exempted Village
Medina City
Meigs Local
Mentor Exempted Village
Miami East Local
Miami Trace Local
Miamisburg City
Middle Bass Local
Middletown City
Middletown Fitness & Prep Acad
Midnimo Cross Cultural Community School
Midview Local
Milford Exempted Village
Millcreek-West Unity Local
Millennium Community
Miller City-New Cleveland Local
Milton-Union Exempted Village
Minerva Local
Minford Local
Minster Local
Mississinawa Valley Local
Mogadore Local
Mohawk Local
Mollie Kessler
Monroe Local
Monroeville Local
Montessori Renaissance Experience
Montpelier Exempted Village
Moraine Community School
Morgan Local
Mound Street Health Careers Acadmy
Mound Street IT Careers Academy
Mound Street Military Careers Academy
Mount Gilead Exempted Village
Mount Healthy Preparatory and Fitness Academy
Mount Vernon City
Mt Healthy City
Napoleon Area City
National Trail Local
Nelsonville-York City
New Albany-Plain Local
New Boston Local
New Bremen Local
New City School
New Day Academy Boarding & Day School
New Knoxville Local
New Lebanon Local
New Lexington City
New London Local
New Miami Local
New Philadelphia City
New Richmond Exempted Village
New Riegel Local
Newark City
Newbury Local
Newcomerstown Exempted Village
Newton Falls Exempted Village
Newton Local
NIA University Community School
Niles City
Noble Academy-Cleveland
Noble Academy-Columbus
Noble Local
Nordonia Hills City
North Baltimore Local
North Bass Local
North Canton City
North Central Local
North Central Local
North College Hill City
North Dayton School Of Science & Discovery
North Fork Local
North Olmsted City
North Ridgeville City
North Royalton City
North Union Local
Northeastern Local
Northeastern Local
Northern Local
Northland Preparatory and Fitness Academy
Northmont City
Northmor Local
Northridge Local
Northridge Local
Northwest Local
Northwest Local
Northwest Local
Northwestern Local
Northwestern Local
Northwood Local
Norton City
Norwalk City
Norwood City
Nu Bethel Center of Excellence
Oak Hill Union Local
Oak Hills Local
Oakstone Community School
Oakwood City
Oberlin City
Ohio Connections Academy, Inc
Ohio Virtual Academy
Old Brooklyn Community Middle School
Old Brooklyn Montessori School
Old Fort Local
Olentangy Local
Olmsted Falls City
Omega School Of Excellence
Ontario Local
Orange City
Oregon City
Orion Academy
Orrville City
Osnaburg Local
Otsego Local
Ottawa-Glandorf Local
Ottawa Hills Local
Ottoville Local
Outreach Academy for Children with Disabilities
P.A.C.E. High School
Painesville City Local
Painesville Township Local
Paint Valley Local
Pandora-Gilboa Local
Parkway Local
Parma City
Parma Community
Pathway School of Discovery
Patrick Henry Local
Paul Laurence Dunbar Academy
Paulding Exempted Village
Perkins Local
Perry Local
Perry Local
Perry Local
Perrysburg Exempted Village
Peterson Entrepreneurial Training Enterprise
Pettisville Local
Phoenix Academy Community School
Phoenix Community Learning Ctr
Phoenix Village Academy Primary 1
Phoenix Village Academy Primary 2
Phoenix Village Academy: Secondary I
Pickerington Local
Pike-Delta-York Local
Pinnacle Academy
Piqua City
Plain Local
Pleasant Local
Plymouth-Shiloh Local
Poland Local
Polly Fox Academy Community School
Port Clinton City
Portsmouth City
Preble Shawnee Local
Premier Academy of Ohio
Princeton City
Project Rebuild Community School
Promise Academy
Pschtecin Public School
Puritas Community Middle School
Puritas Community School
Put-In-Bay Local
Pymatuning Valley Local
Quest Academy Community
Ravenna City
Reading Community City
Revere Local
Reynoldsburg City
Richard Allen Academy
Richard Allen Academy II
Richard Allen Academy III
Richard Allen Preparatory
Richmond Heights Local
Ridgedale Local
Ridgemont Local
Ridgewood Local
Ripley-Union-Lewis-Huntington Local
Rittman Exempted Village
River Valley Local
River View Local
Riverdale Local
Riverside Academy
Riverside Local
Rock Hill Local
Rocky River City
Rolling Hills Local
Rootstown Local
Ross Local
Rossford Exempted Village
Russia Local
Salem City
Sandusky City
Sandy Valley Local
Schnee Learning Center
Scholarts Preparatory School
Scioto Valley Local
Sebring Local
Seneca East Local
Shadyside Local
Shaker Heights City
Shawnee Local
Sheffield-Sheffield Lake City
Shelby City
Sidney City
Solon City
South-Western City
South Central Local
South Euclid-Lyndhurst City
South Point Local
South Range Local
South Scioto Academy
Southeast Local
Southeast Local
Southeastern Local
Southeastern Local
Southern Local
Southern Local
Southern Local
Southington Local
Southwest Licking Local
Southwest Local
Spencerville Local
Springboro Community City
Springfield Acad Of Excellence
Springfield City
Springfield Local
Springfield Local
Springfield Local
Springfield Preparatory and Fitness Academy
St Bernard-Elmwood Place City
St Clairsville-Richland City
St Henry Consolidated Local
St Marys City
Stambaugh Charter Academy
Steubenville City
Stockyard Community School
Stow-Munroe Falls City
Strasburg-Franklin Local
Streetsboro City
Strongsville City
Struthers City
Stryker Local
Sugarcreek Local
Summit Academy-Canton
Summit Academy-Lorain
Summit Academy-Middletown
Summit Academy-Xenia
Summit Academy Cincinnati
Summit Academy Columbus
Summit Academy Community School-Toledo
Summit Academy Community School-Warren
Summit Academy Community School - Painesville
Summit Academy Community School for Alt Learners of Akron
Summit Academy Dayton
Summit Academy Middle School-Akron
Summit Academy Middle School - Columbus
Summit Academy Middle School - Lorain
Summit Academy Middle School - Warren
Summit Academy Middle School - Youngstown
Summit Academy Secondary - Akron
Summit Academy Secondary - Canton
Summit Academy Secondary - Lorain
Summit Academy Secondary - Youngstown
Summit Academy Secondary School-Parma
Summit Academy Secondary School - Middletown
Summit Academy Secondary School - Toledo
Summit Acdy Community School for Alte Learners of Youngstown
Swanton Local
Switzerland Of Ohio Local
Sycamore Community City
Sylvania City
Symmes Valley Local
T.C.P. World Academy
Talawanda City
Tallmadge City
Teays Valley Local
Tech Con Institute
Tecumseh Local
The Autism Academy Of Learning
The ISUS Institute of Construction Technology
The ISUS Institute of Health Care
The ISUS Institute of Manufacturing
Three Rivers Local
Tiffin City
Tipp City Exempted Village
Toledo Academy Of Learning
Toledo Accelerated Academy
Toledo City
Toledo School For The Arts
Toronto City
Treca Digital Academy
Tri-County North Local
Tri-Valley Local
Tri-Village Local
Triad Local
Trimble Local
Triway Local
Trotwood-Madison City
Trotwood Fitness & Prep Acad
Troy City
Tuscarawas Valley Local
Tuslaw Local
Twin Valley Community Local
Twinsburg City
Union-Scioto Local
Union Local
United Local
Upper Arlington City
Upper Sandusky Exempted Village
Upper Scioto Valley Local
Urban Youth Academy, Inc.
Urbana City
V L T Academy
Valley Local
Valley View Local
Van Buren Local
Van Wert City
Vandalia-Butler City
Vanlue Local
Veritas/Cesar Chavez Academy
Vermilion Local
Versailles Exempted Village
Victory Academy of Toledo
Vinton County Local
Virtual Community School Of Ohio
Virtual Schoolhouse, Inc.
W C Cupe Community School
W.E.B. Dubois
Wadsworth City
Walnut Township Local
Wapakoneta City
Warren City
Warren County Virtual Community School
Warren Local
Warrensville Heights City
Washington-Nile Local
Washington Court House City
Washington Local
Washington Park Community
Waterloo Local
Wauseon Exempted Village
Waverly City
Wayne Local
Wayne Trace Local
Waynesfield-Goshen Local
Weathersfield Local
Weems School
Wellington Exempted Village
Wellston City
Wellsville Local
West Branch Local
West Carrollton City
West Central Learning Academy
West Clermont Local
West Geauga Local
West Holmes Local
West Liberty-Salem Local
West Muskingum Local
Western Brown Local
Western Local
Western Reserve Local
Western Reserve Local
Westerville City
Westfall Local
Westlake City
Westpark Community-Cleveland
Westpark Community Middle School
Westside Academy
Wheelersburg Local
Whitehall City
Whitehall Prepartory and Fitness Academy
Wickliffe City
Wildwood Environmental Academy
Willard City
Williamsburg Local
Willoughby-Eastlake City
Wilmington City
Windham Exempted Village
Winterfield Venture Academy
Winton Woods City
Wolf Creek Local
Woodmore Local
Woodridge Local
Wooster City
Worthington City
Wynford Local
Wyoming City
Xenia Community City
Yellow Springs Exempted Village
Youngstown Academy of Excellence
Youngstown City
Youngstown Community School
Youthbuild Columbus Community
Zane Trace Local
Zanesville City
Zenith Academy

Jim Fedako said...

personal to Anonymous,

I've seen the data for more years than I care to remember. The fact that you can run an ODE query and cut and paste does not impress me.

And, I'm am not about to publish your 800+ line extract.

There are only 614 school districts in Ohio. Are you really this dull?

Anonymous said...

No, I'm saying you stated OLSD's ranking by including these "phantom" districts. Without researching each "district" listed above us, a quick review eliminates at least five names which moves us up to 78th out of the 614. Still not bad considering this wealthy district is in the bottom half for spending per student.

I only posted the 800+ to show you that the state does list more then 614 and those extras are in the PI list. I didn't really expect you to post it but if I hadn't you would still be claiming that the list wasn't that long.

Jim Fedako said...


I am steeped in this data.

A good researcher understands what he is reporting. He doesn't just say, "Hey, the query returned 1005 districts, so there must be 1005 school districts in Ohio."

Take some time to understand the data.

And, no, I take out the bogus districts before reporting.

Remember, it was you reporting them and me telling you the error. It wasn't the other way around.

You and Stan need to put your collective heads together, and maybe then you'll make sense.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Jim but you've been caught in your own deceit.

In the original blog post, you state that the district is rated in "the 90's".

I asked which data you used and you responded with the PI.

However, we are not ranked in "the 90's" on the PI. We are ranked 83rd.

That is 83rd in a summary that includes 1005 entities labeled "districts" on the report.

You then said you were only looking at the 614 "official" districts. That moves us up into the 70's because several entries above us are charter schools and vocational districts.

Maybe you need to go take a remedial research course because your original statement was just flat out wrong. I'm sure a OLSD teacher could help.

Jim Fedako said...

8:18 or Dufus:

The original post addresses 3rd grade reading, the then most-current data.

It's here:

I wish folks would read for comprehension before they accuse. If they can comprehend at all.

You sound like all the other district apologists (including the current and former superintendent) who claim that treading water relative to other districts is improving.

This district has shown no statistical evidence of improvement relative to its state rank. None. That holds for at least the past 10 years.

You want to see a rainbow where none exists.

Davis, one of the top 5 or so highly paid superintendents in the state, has no record of improvement. Hence, the fact that the district appears to be on a downward trend since his hiring. No sign of improvement, certainly no sign of improvement that warranted his performance bonus being contractually guaranteed.

Do you want to know why this district never improves? Idiots like you. Seriously, you folks are the stooges - useful idiots -- that provide support for pathetic results. And, that's why the administration never improves. They know folks like you rally around them any chance you get. I have seen it time and time again. I fought for improvements only to someone like you say, "Golly, gee, the Olentangy District is the best around. It's true. That's what our principal just said."

Undying support that boarders on adulation. You folks subverted ever opportunity for improvement.

You should run for the board since the administration just loves stooges -- useful idiots.

Jim Fedako said...

And, the quicker you get off of the 1005 districts, the less moronic you will sound.

Anonymous said...

Why am I moronic, because I showed that you were wrong and that you actually do warp the facts in your attacks on the district?

Jim Fedako said...

I honestly do not no WHY you are moronic, but you are.

Anonymous said...

My goodness. Jim--aren't your arms tired from smacking around these district sycophants like pinatas?

It's like playing Whack-a-mole, but with retards.

It's Whack-a-tard.