Thursday, April 10, 2008

Davis and Parting Gifts (a revisit)

The gifts: Salary increases, extended contracts, and the big news: 6.5% annuities that Davis appears to have slipped into administrator contracts without notifying the board.1

Salary increases and extended contracts. It appears that Davis gave his friends a nice parting gift. And, it appears that he forced the new superintendent to keep Friends of Davis for an extended period. You see, it would have been helpful to the new superintendent if administrator contracts was short term. This would have allowed the new superintendent the opportunity to evaluate his staff and decide which FOD are worth keeping -- if any. But, we can't have FOD on the chopping block, can we.

The annuities is a real piece of work. To change the language of employee contracts without notifying the board is unethical at best. And, to expect board members to vote on contracts without having the opportunity to read them is simply wrong. But, this is all par for the Davis tenure.

At the risk of sounding like a cheerleader, board member Smith rightly called the superintendent into question. Of course, the bobbleheads sitting in the other board seats simply nodded when cued by with Davis.


1. In public at least, but who really knows what went on behind closed doors. All it took was a little nudge nudge, wink wink, and the Monty Python troupe -- the Olentangy board -- knee-jerked its approval for any Davis idea.


Anonymous said...

I'm so mad at myself for misjudging him during my first introduction. After what I saw this week, he's a Jekyl and Hyde kind of guy.

Clearly, we are seeing what was predicted... Levy Pass = Lucrative Contract Renewals

Is there anyway to quantify just how much money was given away at this weeks BOE meeting? If we can fill in the blanks, the formula would look something like:
(6.5% X Total Annual Applicable Salary X Average # of Years on Applicable Contracts) = Increase In Tax Payer Burden

This is probably difficult to calculate because all of the contracts aren't finalized yet, even though they were approved by 4/5 of the board. (WOW, that still amazes me!)

Now that the word is out on Davis' willingness to add a Tax Deffered Annuity to contracts, how many people who didn't negotiate that into their contract are working to get it added by EOD Friday? Something tells me that number is pretty high.

The Lord only knows how the teachers union will use this to negotiate some crazy spiff for them this Summer under the logic of "If the admins get it, we should too!"


Anonymous said...

You have to listen to it to believe it:

Click on the audio links.