Monday, April 21, 2008

The Teacher's Socialist Rag

Our socialist friends over the Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development embrace ever effort to collectivism our once-free nation. As you read the excerpt from ASCD's Educational Leadership (below), keep in mind that the title of the organization and magazine imply that the goal is education and curriculum. Hardly!

What We Can Do (from Whose Problem is Poverty)

It's a canard that educators advocating socioeconomic reforms wish to postpone school improvement until we have created an impractical economic utopia. Another canard is the idea that it's impractical to narrow socioeconomic inequalities, so school reform is the only reasonable lever. Modest social and economic reforms, well within our political reach, could have a palpable effect on student achievement. For example, we could

  • Ensure good pediatric and dental care for all students, in school-based clinics.
  • Expand existing low-income housing subsidy programs to reduce families' involuntary mobility.
  • Provide higher-quality early childhood care so that low-income children are not parked before televisions while their parents are working.
  • Increase the earned income tax credit, the minimum wage, and collective bargaining rights so that families of low-wage workers are less stressed.
  • Promote mixed-income housing development in suburbs and in gentrifying cities to give more low-income students the benefits of integrated educations in neighborhood schools.
  • Fund after-school programs so that inner-city children spend fewer nonschool hours in dangerous environments and, instead, develop their cultural, artistic, organizational, and athletic potential.

I say, "Just teach reading, writing, and math. And, teach it right!"

Note for you Olentangy folks: The district implements just about every program that is highlighted in Educational Leadership.

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