Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thumbing Their Noses at the Law: some folks have no shame

It certainly appears that Davis and the board have no respect for the public's right to know, and no respect for the law. They have no common decency, but we knew that already.

Last evening, when "rogue" board member Jennifer Smith1 smartly called into question the board's actions regarding the hiring of a superintendent search firm, Davis and the other board members thumbed their collective nose at both the law and their public. A bold move to say the least, but a move that will haunt them.

So, now these morons back away from their power trip in order to orchestrate a reenactment worthy of a Moscow Show Trial. Yes, the board is now revisiting its decision to hire former superintendent Reimer and his search firm. Read the agenda for the meeting this Friday and note that Reimer's name is missing from the presentation. Even when this board and administration act in the light, they are still hide information from their public.2

Going in our favor is board member Smith. She has proven herself to be a true district watchdog. Sorry board and administration, with Smith on watch, you are going to be forced to play above board. No more funny business behind closed doors.


1. Yes, the power-drunk superintendent publicly called one of his employers, an elected board member, a "rogue." Such a comment is outrageous. Yet, it is symptomatic of the evil that is the Olentangy board of education and administration.

2. The OFK supporters know all about the funny business at the district, yet they never mentioned any of this to the OFK foot soldiers -- the ones who looked their neighbors in the eye and said that the district is doing a great job. Huh!


taxpayer of 3 said...

So...another board meeting this week, a Friday night no less! Are they so incompetent that couldn't name Ah Hooie, or KGB Chief Kerr the acting on Tuesday night?

What time is Scott Putin officially off the this the end of Scottie's Big Give!

Check out that sweet bid for the Ford' should be attached to the packet.

And don't forget the contract for the playground aide. We used to call that either playground duty for the teachers, or room moms (dads in todays world too). Maybe the assistant principle could put on a jacket and get some fresh air as part of their duties.

Maybe we should bring the kids in the theater group to the meeting for a field trip to see what acting takes place "for the kids"!

Anonymous said...

Very astute observations, and some damn fine commentary.

If only more people took the time to lift up the hood and peer into the engine that's driving this vehicle called OLSD (an "OLSDmobile") off the cliff, we'd be in a lot better shape.

If this early burn is any indication of trend we'll be lucky to stretch the new levy even three years.

Anonymous said...

Does Reimer own this consulting group? Is he the only member of the consulting group that will be working on the OLSD search? Is he the only retired superintendent working for this group? From their website and comments made, I don't know why he would appear on the agenda or the basis for your comments.

Jim Fedako said...

Read the local newspaper coverage.

Anonymous said...

I did and the answer to all those questions is NO.

But that won't stop you from making an issue out of nothing in your never ending mission to trash OLSD.

taxpayer of 3 said...

Jim...allow me.

5:56 please read...

Board hires firm for search

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

ThisWeek Staff Writer

Bill Reimer is coming back to Olentangy.

But he won't be in the superintendent's office this time. Instead, he will be looking for someone to replace Superintendent Scott Davis, who is leaving on Friday for health reasons.

Davis was hired as Olentangy's superintendent in May 2006. One year later, he was diagnosed with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), also known as Lou Gehrig's disease.

The disease attacks motor nerve cells, eventually leading to paralysis and death. It has slowed him down, Davis said, and is interfering with the way he does his job.

Reimer, the man Davis replaced two years ago, and other former superintendents make up the search team for the Franklin County Educational Service Center. The Olentangy Board of Education, at Tuesday's board meeting, hired them to conduct the search for someone to replace Davis. The same group conducted Dublin's search last spring.

The district will pay the search group $1,500 plus expenses. The process will be similar to the Dublin search, in which they solicited applications but sought out current superintendents they believed would fit in well in the district. ESC also provided Dublin with a year of consultation after the search to assure a smooth transition.

Board member Jennifer Smith voted against hiring the firm because she believes the board violated the Sunshine Law by not interviewing the group in public and seeking proposals from other search firms. She also questioned whether it was ethical to hire a firm recommended by Davis to choose his successor, quoting a story that appeared in the April 3 edition of ThisWeek in which Davis said he knew of some individuals who would fit in well in Olentangy.

"I'm not sure that is worthy of a response," Davis said.

"Certainly I know some outstanding people in the state and a couple from out of state," he said, "but I have no desire to choose my successor. That would not be good for me, not be good for you or that person. Any inference that I in any way felt the need or desire or had the right to do so is unfair, unwarranted and not appreciated."

Davis said he did talk to board vice president Dimon McFerson, who will lead the search from the board's perspective, about the Franklin County group.

"I was extremely impressed with the way they handled the Dublin search," he told the board. That combined with the low cost to the district and the firm's members, all past superintendents with a combined 100 years of experience, is what led to his recommendation, Davis said.

"My goal is to help the board in whatever way I can. That is my only goal," he said.

McFerson said he read the same article as Smith and interpreted it that Davis "knows some good people around the state. I can assure you neither he nor I discussed the name of one single person."

McFerson said in his "view there was no violation of the Sunshine Law."

Board member Julie Wagner-Feasel said after talking with the ESC firm she "felt strongly that these people are the ones we should be working with and one important reason is one of those helping us in the search (Reimer) knows this district very well."

Earlier in the meeting the board honored Davis for his service to the district, presenting him with a proclamation and plaque. "It takes a special leader to take an organization that is performing well ... moving it from good to great," said board president Scott Galloway. "You're leaving a legacy that will make our district better for many, many years to come."
So, anonymous...please apologize to Jim, he reported facts as reported by the newspaper and on the Board's agenda..that they changed after the questioning by Mrs. Smith.

The real question you should ask is, "who presented to the board behind closed doors?"

Why do we need to pay someone $1,500 to post an ad for a job that paid the last guy 250k or whatever the final number was. They are pounding down the doors for this job.

Also, being so astute as you are, you may have observed in the Tuesday board meeting that the district is going to give the same group a massive contract to do essentially what the administrations' job already is.

Coincedence? Something stinks!

Facts don't lie 5:56!

taxpayer of 3 said...


To clarify for all the bobbleheads...on Tuesday, the board voted 4-1 to hire the ECS to search for the Sup't.

Today, they are going to listen to the presentation that should've been public before they voted on Tueday...then they are going to vote again to hire the ECS.

Talk about a show trial.for all you OFK and administration sympathizers..THEY ALREADY VOTED AND APPROVED IT!

This meeting is a sham and their backwardass way of saying , "we didn't violate the sunshine laws" as astutely stated publically by Mrs. Smith.

They broke the law and are trying to revise history...Mrs. no again...the contract was ill gotten and the Board who voted for it should be impeached for violating the laws of the State of Ohio.

Before any of you naysayers, who say I (Jim, Ralph, etc) hate the district, speak...research the Sunshine Laws. Somebody who knows the law finally caught them red handed...and tonight they are trying to "make it better...for the kids".

Sorry kids, your Board is 4/5ths dishonest and/or nieve as lead by there soon to be former employee.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Kudos to Jennifer Smith.

Seems that questioning anything anything that goes on in this district is not "worthy of a response." How dare Davis talk to her like that! I don't care whether he's sick or not, if he had said something like that to me he would have received a harsh rebuttal.

Seems symptomatic of the general state of politics in this country. We must all blindly follow the status quo like lemmings. Otherwise one is a "rogue" or a traitor.

Jefferson, Adams, and the rest of them are rolling over in their graves.

Anonymous said...

One question... What does "Plus Expenses" equate to in estimated dollars? Is there a not to exceed clause?

Yeah, I thought so. No one knows. But hey, let's approve the contract anyway.... it's for the kids!


Anonymous said...

The administration's (superintendent)job is to search for his successor? I thought that is what you are accusing them of doing but which they are not. Now you say it is their job.

It is quite common to hire a search firm for a high profile position like the OLSD superintendent's job. This organization specializes in doing these searches and appears quite cheap. So what if Reimer is one of many retired superintendents that work for this group. They are probably the best ones to identify the appropriate candidates for a variety of different types of districts.

I don't owe anyone an apology. The comments on this site are bordering on slander and are not factual. Notice in my post I asked questions concerning the content of previous comments, questions which this article and the board agenda show the answer to be no.

taxpayer of 3 said...


The Board's Job is to find the successor. That is issue # 1 for which they are hiring ESC for.

Issue #2...they are hiring the same group to help the administration run the district on an ongoing basis.

Different Contracts.

Did you attend the board meeting on Tuesday, if not, please read the agenda and listen to the minutes whenever they are published.

Reimer is a part of the group. Reimer was on the agenda, then disappeared after Tusday.

Anonymous said...


And your point is?

It was stated the administration was doing the search. That is incorrect, the Board is and as typical, they are hiring an outside search firm to help. In this case, FCESC which specializes and has prior experience in these types of searches. I would think you would be happy that an outside firm will help find viable candidates since we obviously did such a poor job with Davis.

There are plans for OLSD to leave the Delaware-Union ESC and join FCESC. It has been stated it will cost us less and we will get better service. Is this not a good thing or do you have evidence that the claims are not true?

Why do we care if Reimer is part of FCESC? There is nothing improper in his working for this organization and OLSD using their services. It is actually a benefit since he is familiar with OLSD, our issue and our taxpayers.

taxpayer of 3 said...


The point is the Ohio Revised Code and the "Sunshine Law"....this was all done without open public debate...until after the fact.

I have no particular beef with Reimer..just the way they (the board) covertly (translation..not publically) went about it.

What exactly is the purpose of using FCESC (or Delware Union)? Yes, they are cheaper...but what exactly do they do in addition to the bloated administration?

This question is seperate from the feable mind gets that one!

Jim Fedako said...

Unless things have changed ...

The ESC's have lower salary scales than districts. So, the district benefits by paying less for special ed teachers.

This always call into question why the district's salary schedule is so high to begin with. If qualified teachers can be hired for less, why are the taxpayers paying so much for district teachers?

Anonymous said...

Seems this is heating up per the Olentangy Valley News article in today's paper.

Way to go Ms. Smith!


Anonymous said...

Did Reimer even attend the meeting? My sources tell me he didn't.

Johnson is the retired and highly respected New Albany Superintendent.