Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Government lies? I'm shocked!

From the blog at LewRockwell.com:

What? More Lies? I'm Shocked, Shocked!
Posted by Christopher Manion at April 17, 2008 09:02 AM

Remember when those poor Brits were captured in Iraqi waters last year, bringing Bush to the brink of war with Iran?

Well, it turns out they weren't Iraqi waters. The U.S. occupation force had changed the border between Iraq and Iran! Only -- and this exemplifies their crafty, twenty-first century strategic brilliance -- they didn't bother to tell Iran!

Of course, this blunder was kept secret for a year, and hats off to the London Times for its persistence -- the documents were released only after the Times lodged a Freedom of Information suit. The documents included this gem from Tony Blair's Defence Secretary -- who knew the whole thing was bogus a year ago! From April 13, 2007:

"[Top Secret] The exact coordinates to the Op Line have not been published to Iran."

"History will vindicate us," blurted Blair on one of his visits to Bush early in the war.

Tony, history is not vindicating you, it's convicting you.

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