Wednesday, April 09, 2008

It gets even odder

Odd: Former superintendent Reimer -- under cover of Franklin County Educational Service Center -- is trying to get back on the payroll. Very interesting. Seems like the revolving door leads right back to the administration and the tax dole. I wonder how that vote went.

Odder: The agenda changed right before the meeting. The wording of Board Action Item B was amended from:
"Approve Scott M. Davis as a district volunteer effective April 14, 2008"
"Approve Scott M. Davis as a district volunteer effective April 14, 2008, to assist when necessary, as a consultant to the board in order to ensure continuity during the superintendent transition period."
Hmmm. Is the board so inept that it requires the former superintedent to hire the incoming superintendent? A very strange turn of events.

Question: Is Davis really Olentangy's Putin? Refusing to return power to the people -- the elected board. Some folks are truly drunk on power. Scary.


taxpayer of 3 said... wonder the board wouldn't talk about it in public, citing, that it should be discussed only in Executive Session..

Of course hiring a contractor is not a hiring an sorry Mr. should be discussed in public.

Nothing like violating the sunshine laws to protect the former and current (for 3 more days)superintendents.

Doesn't past the the Jack Anderson test! (for those of you who never left Olentangy..he is a writer for the Washington Post that investigates government corruption)

Anonymous said...

Davis is actually like RASputin: he's a mystic who holds sway over the czar and his court.

This is my argument against a civilian school board: the board is made up of volunteers who hold full time jobs and lack the time and energy necessary to understand the minutiae of the business (yes, "business"), so they let their rasputin-esque superintendents manage it for them. But the supers are not looking out for the taxpayer--only their own selfish interests, which is what we saw on full display at last nights board meeting.

The superintendent and administration worker fleas understand this willful neglect by the board and take full advantage of it. Board members are like a mom or dad who comes home tired from working a 10 hour-day and just wishes the household to be quiet and orderly for the rest of the evening; unfortunately, in the boards case that comes at the expense of giving unchecked privileges to those who can do great mischief.

Anonymous said...

9:07 AM Anonymous....

I couldn't agree more with your post and the wanten disregard by the board. They fail to realize that they run the district, not the Super.

Last night, Mr. Mc stated "We rely on Dr. Davis to run our district." The tone of that statement could have easily been interpreted as if the board reports to Dr. Davis, not vice versa. It was interesting and a moment that made me pause and think about what our, the TAXPAYER FUNDED BOARD, is doing.


Anonymous said...

The board has abdicated its responsibility since Day One with Davis--and I blame Dimon McFlunky as the cause of the board's atrophy.

The board relies on the super to manage the affairs of the district for them, which is wrong and irresponsible. That was obvious when Gallowaste was revealed to be the emperor with no clothese last night--the poor guy didn't know what to do once the board veered off the tired old "yes massuh" script that's been used for the last few years.

What we saw last night was a board president who did not know what to do without a script and Davis barrelling over the rest of them, unchecked, in pursuit of the complicity he needed to pull off the virtual theft that occurred last night. He was clearly out of order last night and nobody would call him on it, last of whom the president of the board, who revealed himself last night to being just a figurehead.

Anonymous said...

did any of you call him out on it during the meeting?

taxpayer of 3 said...


You assume the public is allowed to speak. This happened after the public comment section that you have to sign up for in advance.

Honestly, they embarrassed themselves with their conduct. All but Smith!

Anonymous said...

You can't "call him out" during the meeting. As an average citizen/participant, you can hardly provide any input at all.

However, Ms. Smith called him out several times. SHE WAS AWESOME!

I particularly liked her comment to Galloway after Mr. McP provided his "clarifying comment" to Tracy Ruegge's (sp?) criticism of the board's Super selection process. Mr. Mcp clearly didn't follow board process and his "clarifying comment" was everything but that.

When he finished his rant, Ms. Smith politely, and with a smile that I just adored, said (something like) "... that was a response, not a clarifying comment."

Keep in mind this occurred just after Mr. Mcp and Ms. Meider argued for 15 minutes against allowing responses to public particpants.

IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KEEP UP THE GOOD FIGHT Ms. Smith. You are our only saving grace until we can remove the jokers surrounding you.