Wednesday, April 02, 2008

When the workers become management

This post of mine is almost two years old, but it is timely given the current union negotiations.

When the workers become management

You just have to love it: The contract talks between the Ohio Education Association and its professional staffers appear to have stalled. Could a strike be imminent?

"What," you say, "one union suing another? How could that be possible?"

Picture this situation: A union which constantly complains about wages and working conditions being struck by another union over similar issues? What happened to the worker’s paradise and the evils of management?

The OEA and Ohio Professional Staff Union have an acrimonious history with law suits, strikes, and grievances marring what should be a marriage of worker bliss. It appears that scarcity is even recognized by unions when it’s their bottom line taking the hit.

Regardless of who wins or loses, this is quite an enjoyable situation. I hope that public educators make this into a real teaching moment. Each union seeks to enrich itself at the expense of all others; other unions included. Fair wages, huh!

Ludwig von Mises was correct, union logic collapses whenever and wherever the divergent views of individual unions are confronted by the realities we all face everyday. One can only dream that these negotiations end up as the next reality show.

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