Sunday, February 15, 2009

Wade Lucas: Being paid a grand to attend the debutante ball

That's right. Olentangy taxpayers are paying Wade close to $1000 to attend his taxpayer-funded welcome reception. You know Wade is going to continue soaking this district for all its worth. He's doing it already. Wade is all about the kids.

The Olentangy Board of Education is hosting a Community Welcome Reception in honor of Superintendent Wade Lucas, Ed.D. Lucas was recently hired by the board to serve as the district’s new superintendent and he will begin a regular schedule with the district on March 23. All community members are invited to attend the Welcome Reception set for March 17 from 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. in the Team Room of Olentangy Shanahan Middle School, 814 Shanahan Road in Lewis Center. The board will conduct a regular meeting immediately following the reception.


Anonymous said...

They're really rubbing your noses in it, aren't they. Or do they always do this with their new supts.?

Anonymous said...

And the award for poor grammar goes to - OLSD Communications Department!

The first sentence doesn't make any sense. Go figure.

I heard through the vine that Dr. Lucas attended the board meeting when his contract was approved. Are we paying him a grand for that cameo appearance too?


Anonymous said...

Scratch that last post. the first sentence does make sense. The award for poor interpretation goes to Ralph!

At least I'm willing to admit fault, a trait the district lacks.

C.C. said...


Pardon my open letter to the anonymous board members.

Dear Olentangy Local School Board,

Throw us a bone...why don't you have the reception after spring break, when Dr. Lucas will be on the real payroll and not the per diem.

This way you can attempt to look as though you are saving $1,000. Now, if you do change the reception...Dr. Lucas' per diem charges better equal $19,000.

Should you choose not to reschedule the reception, I promise that I will not temper my public statement. This issue of per diem abuse was brought up to you on 1/27/09 and you publicly chastised the participate Well, time for a clarifying statement from the public!

Concerned Citizen

Anonymous said...


I can already here Madam President's "clarification statement."

"Dr. Lucas was already working in the district today meeting with staff and district officials. In fact, he was late for several meetings so I know he continues to work hard to come up to speed. We should all be gracious that Dr. Lucas is willing to spend some extra time with us at the end of his day to meet with the public, despite his long drive back to Green Local. (Insert more nonsense here... a few gavelings... at least one shout of 'No, you've had your time already.' and a panic attack.) Thank you."

Anonymous said...

Asking the board to postpone the reception unil after his Start Date--brilliant.

Now ask those bozos to change the time of the reception to one that non employees of the district can also attend. We all know that quittin' time at central office is, oh--3:00?

Anonymous said...

Quitting Time presupposes that there is even a Starting Time. I imagine that those do-littles drift in between 9 and 10am.

My Wish List Starters, if the Board was governed by responsible members:
1.) Taxpayer-funded SERS employee pick-up and p/u-on-p/u: GONE
2.) Medicare tax reimbursement: GONE
3.) Tax sheltered annuities: GONE
4.) Education Stipend: GONE
5.) Paid cell phones and car allowances: GONE
6.) Retire/Rehires: GONE
7.) Weather Watchers: GONE

That's for starters. These, right here represent more than $2MM in annual spend. None of these giveaways has anything to do with increasing student achievement. This money could pay for materials that parents otherwise would have to shell out, out-of-pocket. Only when I went to college did I have to pay for books and other materials. It is disgracefull that parents have to pay for these things.

I will walk this district end-to-end this year to defeat Feasel and Medier. In order for this district to truly move forward they have to be replaced with people who "get it".

C.C. said...


Dare I quote Yogi Berra?

Thank goodness it wasn't snowing when I read in the blog....that would've been too surreal!


Anonymous said...


Add to the list...

Jewelry Making I, II, III...gone
Acting I,II,III, IV...gone..join the play!
Tech classes for theater...gone..see above for recommendation.
Just getting started on electives!!
Outside the faculty Study hall monitors...gone.
Mileage reimbursement to principles to go to away games in their own car even though the bus is going the same direction....gone, gone, gone!

Anonymous said...

Wait, wait, wait...let's put this nonsense into proper perspective.

This is from the Beverly Hills High School website:

"With hundreds of graduates working in the entertainment industry, the Beverly Hills High School Performing Arts Department is nationally famous for the quality of its musical and theatrical productions and for its famous alumni...The program is highly visible in the industry, with casting directors, writers and producers attending performances and visiting classes to speak with the students."

Olentangy high schools have as many Theater/Acting courses as does BHH.

I'm sorry...43035 is not 90210 in terms of wealth, prestige or "industry" connection, yet we match this zip code in Drama/Theater course offerings.

How many Ceramics courses does BHH have? 1. Olentangy has four. How many Jewelry courses does BHH have? 0. Olentangy has three (and will add more if that numbskull Julie Feasel has her way).

The Los Angeles Unified School District--in which Hollywood High resides--has three more drama courses than Olentangy does, but is uniquely qualified to justify having so, being smack-in-the-middle of the global mecca of television and cinema production. The LA school district is also one of the largest in the country and has a massive (and heavily subsidized) budget--yet the LAUSD hosts only two Ceramics courses and only two Jewelry courses.

In fact, if you compare Olentangy's course offerings against the wealthiest districts in the nation you'll see that Olentangy bests many or most in terms of either Drama/Acting or Visual Arts course offerings. This is true for the Colorado district in which Vail resides (both), Greenwhich CT (Vis Arts), and so on.

Now that I've shown that we fund more nonsense than districts much, much wealthier than we, next I'll compare Olentangy's Computer Science course offerings against districts poorer than we.

It was disturbing to hear Julie Feasel disparage Smith's ideas in a March board meeting, regarding the replacement of some of our numerous, ridicuous Ceramics or Jewelry offerings with computer science offerings. Feasel or Hooie then summoned the teachers union to the next board meeting to denounce Smith for her suggestion.

At that meeting Feasel handed out a double-sided leaflet telling how Smith wanted to cut the Arts program at Olentangy and that student demand--not educational or curricular need--determined the number of jewelry and ceramics courses being offered. Feasel then proudly announced that she was wearing jewelry made by Olentangy students before she, Hooie and the rest of the members of the board launched criticism at Smith.

Feasel is an embarrassment, and for the sake of our kids she and Meider need to be retired from the Olentangy School Board. We will never be able to truly move forward with Feasel, Meider and the rest of those menaces on the board are gone.

I strongly encourage everyone to listen to the March meetings to understand what Julie Feasel, Terri Meider and the rest of the majority is all about, and to witness just how much of an impediment they are to effecting the kind of change that is required of our district to deliver a meaningful and robust 21st Century education.


Beverly Hills High: (select Performing Arts in the lower right corner)

Hollywood High (LA Unified SD): (type in "course offerings" in the search bar, selct [PDF] LAUSD

Olentangy: Homepage/ Site Index/ "High School Course Planning Guide"

Anonymous said...

Is our kids freedom gone?

School Administrators as Petty Tyrants

Earthside Comments: Here is another one. Obviously there are school districts around the country that already have way too much taxpayer money if they have time to engage in the kind of anti-American activities described in the news reports below.

Important to note: the kids' videos were not made in the school, on school time or with school equipment. If threats were made, it would be a police matter -- apparently that was not the case, so the administrators are behaving like petty tyrants. If what was in the videos was slanderous, there are civil courts to utilize.

What was in the videos may have been in poor taste, rude, or perhaps even cuttingly humorous. But in the old United States where the Bill of Rights still had meaning and was respected, the right to express oneself through speech and/or actions was a critical ingredient of freedom.

School administrators like those in this incident really have completely forgotten that their job is to facilitate education, not intrude themselves in other people's words or behavior, especially off campus.

Yet another example of life in Bush's America.

Link: Green (Ohio) Teens Suspended for Videos | Akron Beacon Journal/

Ten Green High School juniors have been suspended for 10 school days for producing videos that made fun of staff and students.

The teenage boys placed the videos on the popular YouTube Internet site.

The suspensions, given out last week by principal Gary Geis, began on Friday.

The suspensions, school officials said, will mean the teens will be out of school six days ending this Friday. They will return to school on Tuesday and serve four days of in-school suspension.

They will be permitted to take their semester final exams that got under way this week.

Superintendent Wade E. Lucas, who was holding suspension appeal hearings for several of the students and their parents Tuesday afternoon, said school policy says that if a student is suspended and misses a test, he or she will receive a zero grade. But he said that stipulation has been waived in this instance.

Lucas declined to release many details about the students or what was posted on the Internet, but he said school equipment was not used to make the videos.

He said four videos were made and then posted on YouTube.

The videos were discovered on the Internet last Thursday after word spread about the postings.

The videos were subsequently removed.

''They (the students) made a bad decision,'' Lucas said.

The students are also prohibited from participating in any extracurricular activities, including sports.

Link: 9 Students Suspended For YouTube Videos | Associated Press/

Nine teenagers near Akron have been suspended from their high school for making videos that ridicule school staff and students. The videos were posted online.

The students from Green High School were suspended for 10 days after school officials discovered the four videos on the Internet site YouTube last Thursday. The videos have since been removed from the site.

Principal Gary Geis says the videos poke fun at teachers and classmates. The students' identities weren't released.

Anonymous said...

"Whaaaaaa Whaaaa Whaaaaaa - those whascawee students made fun of me! Pwease Dr. Wucas, suspend them for being big meanies!"

Get over yourself Gary and Wade-O!

Anonymous said...

uh oh.....does that mean that bloggers are next on the WadeO agenda?

I'll finally get caught and disciplined for all my subversive activities!

Perhaps it is time for a Mr. Bill remake..."Dr. Wade". Youtube here I you think they can loan me some clay from the art department?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:41am

OLSD can do anything it wants, including having the Art Dept. give you clay.

But they most likely wouldn't give you clay unless and until there's a stipend built into the next teacher contract, "Materials Distribution Manager ($1,400 annualy): Responsible for distribution of Art Dept. materials to residents"

Becky would probably also use this as justification to increase the Art Dept. materials budget by 30%.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jim:

Did you get a personal invitation to the ball mailed to your home?

I have it on good authority the district had invitations printed and sent to some community members.

There's a good use of tax dollars!

Jim Fedako said...

I guess I didn't make the cut. I wonder why?

Anonymous said...

Would you like to be my

Anonymous said...

Jim Fedako showing up at that thing would be the funniest thing I'd ever seen. Talk about the skunk at the picnic.

It's not "Fedako The Terrible" they'd be loathe to mix with; it's the fact that he can run circles around everybody in the room, on every topic they're supposed to be subject matter experts on.

I'd love to see those dolts line up, one by one and Fedako knock 'em down like bowling pins.

Anonymous said...


The offer still stands and I'll wear the dress!!