Friday, February 06, 2009

Second glaring error

This one is minor quibble.

To make it clear how arbitrary the current system can be, one may examine a case where there are two districts with virtually identical tax rates on Class I property, but the districts have different types of levies, so that one is at the 20-mill floor and one is not. Dover CSD has an effective Class I operating tax rate of 25.90 mills (it also has nonoperating levies: a bond levy at a 1.75 mill rate and a permanent improvement levy with a 0.16 mill rate). It is a 20-mill floor district, because it has 4.4 inside mills, and current expense levies that have been reduced to 15.6 mills by the HB 920 TRFs. The other 5.9 mills of operating taxes come from an emergency levy. (emphasis added)
The system is not arbitrary. It may be complex, etc. But it is not arbitrary.

note: Went with a minor error this time. Didn't want to steal any thunder from the Meider money machinations. Bigger error to follow in the coming days.

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