Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Is this Italy of the 1920's

The Public Private Collaborative Commission emphasized the importance of this relationship in its report, Supporting Student Success: A New Learning Day in Ohio, by stating, “Educators, especially school leaders, are centerpieces in this work, but they cannot do it all, and they cannot do it alone. Entire communities must share responsibility for the well-being of children, youth and families – and also for the educational performance of every student. Nothing short of this kind of sustained accountable, representative engagement, evident in the ability to organize and mobilize for collective action to achieve common purposes, will get the job done. As the job gets done, the education system will change for the better and all Ohioans will

-- Ohio's 2010 - 2011 Executive Budget

When Ohio Governor Strickland refers to the community, be certain that he means the state.

A reader regularly posts comments containing information on
communitarianism. I don't know if all readers of this blog consider what she has to say, but you should. You must.

Take some time to read Strickland's executive budget to see that the goals of communitarianism are about to become law in Ohio.

Of course, many folks (such as Paul over at SavetheHilliardSchools) adhere to a worldview that supports this nonsense. They see the community sitting above the family as the single most important concept save the state -- which they refer to as the nation.

Oh, sure, they won't be so bold as to make such claims. But they will act in what they believe are the best interests of the community, regardless of who they harm along the way. In their minds, they easily balance any action (the means) with its corresponding community benefit (the ends) in favor of the community.

And these folks will read the executive budget and see the good. Sure, they may question and debate a point here or there, but the essence of the budget will never be challenged or denied. It will be the starting point of their plans and schemes to bring about Fourier's Utopia. And we will end up with Dante's Hell.

Keep in mind that this very same belief was the center of the evils of the previous century. You see, when you accept the community as the foremost entity, it's a small step to begin legislating against the family and the individual. The family becomes the stumbling block to achieving what is best for the community. Add in the Progressive love of scientism and positivism and you have a system that can advocate horrible evils without any remorse.

Consider a bill recently introduced in the Netherlands. This bill would allow the state to force-sterilize women who are not fit to have children -- based on the state's definition of fit. For a communitarian, the bill is sound. The last thing the community needs is children from unfit mothers.

I bet that more than a few readers will consider that bill. They will attempt to balance the community against the individual. And I bet they consider it twice.

Get a hold on yourself. Slap your face if necessary. The siren's song of the community and the utilitarian approach to life is oh so close to the Gulags and ovens.

This isn't over-the-top stuff. The world is changing. And as long as we simply rationalize each new law, program, etc., we will follow in step toward our final resting point. And that resting point will not be heaven on earth. No matter what the peddlers say.


1. Paul drops off with the community. That is where he stands today. I do not want to imply that he holds any other communitarian ideal. But, he has certainly fought on their side.

2.Women who plan to have children better be prepared to have a state agent perform maternal depression screening (in the executive budget). If you don't find that intrusive and frightening, welcome to the Brave New World.


Anonymous said...

That quote, at the beginning of your post, says it all. We now live in a country of Communitarians. Communitarianism is our form of government. Our children are still told about our Constitution and Bill of Rights and separation of powers but that's just to keep them pacified. We are no longer a Republic. If it looks like, walks like and quacks like Communitarianism it is Communitarianism. But if nobody knows the word or its meaning then nobody can recognize the reality. That's what dumbing people down does. Tell the people the Repubs and the Dems are two different parties and they believe it and pick a side, never grasping that both parties are bringing about the same Totalitarianism. Hard to believe but it's just that easy. But adults go along with the Groundhog "news" story every Feb. 2 as if that's really newsworthy. Their "news" reporters don't report to them what's really going on in the country. They report on Punxsutawney Phil and Buckeye Chuck.

Anonymous said...

Here's a chance for people to get caught up. Starting Saturday morning...tune in this...
Nancy Levant is one of the fearless females who is trying to inform the Cognitive Dissonant.
Spend some time at the website of Niki Raapana and learn about Communitarianism, the governance that now rules our world.