Saturday, February 07, 2009

Teri Meider, Olentangy, and property owners

Owners of Commercial Property in the Olentangy School District:

The district employs a law firm to search the tax duplicate for commercial properties that the law firm believes have been appraised, by the auditor, at below market value. The law firm then challenges the appraisal before the county board of revisions. Why? Because the district wants every possible penny it can get from your wallet. Yet ...

Now we have Teri Meider, board vice president, living in a house that is grossly undervalued. Keep in mind that late last year, Meider -- just like every property owner in the county -- received notification from the auditor of her property's 2008 appraised value. She must have looked at it and snickered, "Let the other folks in the district pay the my new tax. I'm going to eat cake."

The hypocrisy is this: Meider votes to employ a law firm to go after your property -- and your money -- while turning her back on her own property.

When the last levy was being debated, Meider was the cheerleader. To her, the district deserves every penny possible. Not her pennies or dollars, mind you. But the hard-earned dollars from the rest of us.

One of you must challenge her valuation before the board of revision. Seriously, you will already be there fighting the district with its efforts to steal your money. So you might as well make Meider feel some of the pain of her new and unneeded tax.


Anonymous said...

It look like she paid her property taxes friday.
Teri Meider your a fraud!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I just visited the web site of the Olentangy Schools. I clicked on the page that shows pictures of the Board of Ed. members and each picture includes a separate telephone number for each member. What is that about? Are tax payers paying for each of those people to have a phone line at the school? If you call any of those numbers will you reach the board member connected to the number? Olentangy doesn't have a school system. It has a Kingdom.

Anonymous said...

I've gone after Andy Kerr and Bill before and won. Meider would be no problem, just a simple matter of filing. The board will likely take her valuation to the arms length transaction price assuming that it is recent. I say a citizens group for fair tax vaulations should be formed to review all Olentangy Teachers and Administrators propertyvaluations

Anonymous said...

DISCLAIMER....not a board sympathizer!

The numbers are direct to a voice mailbox...probably electronic routing through the phone system.

I have two numbers at my house and I only pay for 1 line and our office has 10 numbers attached to 6 lines!

Anonymous said...

8:25 - It doesn't cost much, if anything, for the board to have seperate voice mail boxes.

Would you really want Julie Itsallfeasible to have access to Jennifer Smith's voice mail all of the time? She'd probably just delete them before Smith could act on our wishes/requests.

Anonymous said...

Stay tuned.. "Responsible Olentangy" citizens group for responsible fiscal spending in the OSD is on the horizon - just have to get the web-site ( up and running. Already registered with the Del. County BOE and domain name. With no $ to start with and this economy - we have to do it ourselves....Thanks for the support (I hope!) Keep the comments coming Jim, my home is overvalued with the auditor so I am paying more tax $ without the worth!!

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering if anyone is going to speak on this issue? I hope so since everyone is complaining. I would but I am not a good speaker.

Anonymous said...

I called the auditor today and invited them to the Olentangy Board meeting, they said they are coming and speaking on property value.