Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Billions down the rat hole

An education listserve response to this article:

"Anyone who calls me a conservative gets a punch in the nose." -- Frank Chodorov

That statement holds 80 years later. For those who do not recognize the name, calling Chodorov a liberal would have resulted in the same response.

The Hess conservative is a liberal 5 years later. Nevertheless, Hess is correct in his undertones: We are moving toward a confluence of ideologies; a confluence where there is not even a dime's worth of difference separating the means and ends of the two sides of the aisle. The debate over big government versus small government has given way to the debate over the degree of big government -- a government bigger than could have even been conceived just 8 years ago.

The past few months have been an interesting lesson in dialectics and its evil twin: consensus. Where once the parties would have debated the evils and the benefits of repeated almost $1 trillion interventions, the debate has shifted to the synthesis of views. Now the interventions are the correct course, and all that remains is the debate over whose friends receive what.

Instead of being a principled man, Hess joins the rush to consensus by presenting the middle ground (synthesis) as the correct position. Hess wants to play with the Leviathan because either he believes in its goals, or he benefits from its largess, or both. On one hand, he is a fool. On the hand other, a thief. Neither speaks well of him.

Government and its agent of change -- government schools -- created this mess. Today, children in the government's schools were being told that this latest stimulus package is the best solution for our ills. Sure, it puffs up the pockets of government school employees, but it also robs our posterity of a future similar to ours.

Anyone who thinks pounding another $100 billion -- give or take -- down the rat hole of government schools is going to correct any of our ills needs to write his posterity a note: Your mess was my doing. I sold you out for a few pieces of paper.


Anonymous said...

The DIAPRAX (practicing the DIALECTIC) is probably as important as obtaining the objective. All of the world is forced to practice the DIALECTIC. That's how we are all moved onward and upward in the DIALECTICAL SPIRAL toward that UTOPIA (or maybe Transtopia) that the Planners envision. We must have the DIVERSITY in order to have the DIALOGUE to CONSENSUS. We must have the FACILITATORS to help us get there. Each debate moves us further along. Until people refuse to DIALOGUE about it we will continue to be manipulated. Just say NO to DIAPRAX.

Anonymous said...

All teachers are certified on Benjamin Bloom’s work. He said “…we recognize the point of view that truth and knowledge are only relative and that there are no hard and fast truths which exist for all time and all places.”
Billions down the rat hole of the government school system. Unless you appreciate that much money has been spent using Bloom's work, philosophy and Taxonomies to train all citizens in the DIALECTIC. That's what schools like Bexley do with our money. Their gifted PACE program is based on Bloom. Bloom opined that good teaching was challenging a student's fixed beliefs. And the methods used to challenge those beliefs are in all the schools. School teachers are inculcated with Bloom's philosophy. That's why it all depends on what the meaning of "is" is. Secular Humanism lets us decide for ourselves. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights are "living" documents. Their meanings can change with our opinions. Or the opinions that we have obtained through brainwashing by the brainwashed in the government schools.

Anonymous said...

Deception. It's everywhere. But it succeeds because so many people want to be deceived. When people learn of an area where they are being lied to or deceived or manipulated they may acknowledge it briefly but then they either rationalize it or forget about it. It's easier in the short run to ignore it. Just put it aside and think about something else. It's easier to be stolen from and lied to than to do something about it. It's too unpleasant and messy and unpopular to object to being victimized.