Friday, February 27, 2009

The district "cuts" 1/10 of one percent of its budget

The district "cuts" 1/10 of one percent of its budget. Ouch. Jeff Brown and the district are really feeling our pain.

What they don't tell you is that this "save" was already wasted when the administration annexed the Shanahan library. And, you will never see this "cut" as a reduction to the district's expenditure line or as a reduction in your property tax rate. It's only a paper cut.

Finally, recognize that Brown has total contempt for the taxpayer when he states this innane nonsense, "This is yet another example of district administration and staff members working together to meet the board’s goal of providing a high quality education for students at a more reasonable cost to taxpayers."

Is Brown for real?


During Tuesday’s Board of Education meeting, Interim Superintendent Jeff Brown announced the latest adjustment to staffing levels that is expected to save the district more than $1 million over the next five years. Over the past several years, Olentangy Local Schools has realized more than $6.4 million in savings by adjusting staffing levels as the district looks for more efficient ways to facilitate maximum learning for every student.

Previously each elementary school included a part-time library aide position. However in recent years, the district has not created these positions when new schools opened and filled this need with parent volunteers. The pilot programs were successful and the district will implement this process on a district wide basis beginning with the 2009-10 school year.

Those people who were previously filling this need in a paid position have been re-assigned to already open aide position in another capacity. This way the district is still employing quality people to meet the needs of students, but finding new ways to deliver services. “This is yet another example of district administration and staff members working together to meet the board’s goal of providing a high quality education for students at a more reasonable cost to taxpayers,” said Brown.


Anonymous said...

" a more reasonable cost to taxpayers". Now it will cost taxpayers money *and* time (through volunteering efforts).

C.C. said...

hummm...2 administrators...300k annually...1.2m over 5 years. I think that would be better.

No, let's hurt the kids learning and make parents give more than their money and what the already volunteer.

Maybe the assistant principles and other teachers can work in the library 1 or 2 periods on a rotation basis. That way they work in the library a couple days per year each....we save the aides cost as well.

Heck if we just cut Andy's access to bond funds, we could save another 4m annually!!!!!!!

Simple ideas....big savings!

Anonymous said...

If the positions weren't eliminated... how is it "saving us anything?"


Anonymous said...

translation....we moved the people to other open net net...we aren't saving a nickle!

Don't you love Admin speak. Nice job Amanda/Jeff, you are continuing to use your 6 figure compensation packages well by deceiving the taxpayers!

Anonymous said...

You know how alien the concept of cost cutting is to the district administration when they call out perceived cuts as achievements.

Worse, they self aggrandize as if they did us a favor, instead of quietly seeking efficiencies as SOP.

So, the question I have for Jeff Brown-nose is this: Were these reassigned assistant librarian positions the same ones that Scott Davis planned on eliminating in his phony $6MM saves plan?

Reassigning headcount cannot be considered a save. Claiming a cost avoidance as a save is a big deal at the company I work for. I've seen managers and staff sternly taken to task for it, as it's viewed as dishonest and lazy. At least in the real world. At Olentangy it's dishonesty and laziness that seem to be SOP.

Anonymous said...

So, according to our dopey interim superintendent (the newest, dopey interim superintendent, that is) a Red iPod purchased with public funds at WalMart for $125, instead of at Nordstrom for $185, represents a cost savings.

After all, it was purchased "at a more reasonable cost to taxpayers".

The next time I see Jeff Brown I'm going to inspect his forehead for a scar. No one, short of having had a lobotomy, could possibly be so dim.

Anonymous said...

Re: Jeff Brown having a scar. There might not be one visible. From the idiot box program I saw last week it's possible to do a lobotomy by going through the eye sockets and can be done lick-a-d-split. Our fabulous public station did a story on a really creepy doc who did many, many lobotomies in previous decades and devised the eye-socket version to save time. So be careful what you tell your doctor now that Obama plans to give the government access to all our medical records. Someone might decide to give you a quickly lobotomy. My local doctor's office just instituted the new computerized med. records policy and when I told the lemming working there that I feared their computerized records would eventually be hooked up with the government computers she treated me like I was loony. So I might be a candidate for the operation.

Anonymous said...

the gov't doesn't even need to go that far. google "eschelon".