Monday, February 02, 2009

Playing cards and drinking tea

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Playing cards and drinking tea

Jim Fedako

The US Post Office wants to reduce its work week by a day. Hey, why not stay home every day of the week and let the private sector deliver the mail? And, why not invite the folks over at Homeland Securty to join you for lazy days on the porch, playing cards and drinking tea. Wouldn't we all be better off?>

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Anonymous said...

Turning the Post Office over to the private sector? Yeah, that's the answer. Corruption, mismanagement, hidden and overt agendas, and greed are not exclusive traits of government. There's plenty to go around.

The private sector has shown that it is just as capable as government when it comes to screwing things up. Wachovia, Bear Stearns, AIG, Ford, GM, Chrysler, Wells Fargo, etc., etc. have demonstrated clearly that incompetence is not exclusive to government. In fact, they are first in line with their hands out when they fail.

Goernment is not the answer to solving our problems, but they do not have an exclusive when it comes to screwing things up. There's no reason to believe that turning over the Postal ervice to the private sector solves anything. The problem is not where the service is housed, it's the competency ofthose that ar running it, and the public's willingness to accept mediocrity.