Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Olentangy Moral Dilemma

A real world example of a moral dilemma.

The Situation: Two local school board members are up for reelection. One lied (Julie Feasel) to the public about the cost of the Wade Luca contract; the other (Teri Meider) smugly sits on property appraised at half its value.

The Moral Dilemma: Which of the two should you support in November?

The Definition: A moral dilemma is a choice between two moral imperatives.

The Conclusion: Hey, wait, there is no moral dilemma here. There is only one moral imperative -- vote both out of office. Now, that was easy.


Anonymous said...

Amen, bro. Amen...

Anonymous said...

I will walk from one end of the district to another to retire those two from the board.

Think about it: the school district administration is its own advocate, and they're all each others' lobbyists. The Superintendent argues for larger salaries for his subordinates; his subordinates work sophistry upon the data to make the Superintendent look effective (going so far as hiring a full time statistician--how ridiculous and wasteful), and the Treasurer makes sure there's enough padding in the budget to scratch everyones spending jones.

Who is the public's advocate? This isn't a rhetorical question. I want to know who represents the public.

Members of the board would suredly say that they each do--but how?

McFuror, Gallowaste, Weasel and Meiser say they do it for the kids. But they don't. The budgets they approve don't ensure maximum investment for student achievement; the curriculum regime they hired is absolutely incestuous--hiring completely from within (yes, and this goes for Nicholson--even though he came from Battelle); and they either approve, or turn a blind eye to, nonsense taugh in the classroom.

So, nobody on the board--except Smith, who understands this,--can claim to be an advocate for the kids or the taxpayers ("the public").

Get Weasel and Meiser out and install people who will shake up the district, flush out the old regime, get spending and curriculum priorities in order, and truly take the district to the Next Level, being a PI higher than 103 and a remediation rate lower than 19%.

Anonymous said...

Are you saying that having 4 Ceramics courses and 3 Jewelry courses is not wise curricula prioritization?

At what point does our district begin to look like a Rec center instead of a place where serious instruction takes place?

Is it when we give lifetime contracts to teachers who have their kids pretend to be illegals?

Is it when we allow teachers to assign garbage books like the ones listed here:

Is it when we stop awarding superintendents compensation packages that are over $100,000 more than the governor's?

Maximum Entertainment, Perversion and Wasteful Spending For Every Student!

Anonymous said...

"The Olentangy Moral Deficit" is more like it. The only dilemma this voter will experience is which opposition candidate to vote for.

Anonymous said...


The good news is that you get two votes this fall. One to replace Madam President and one to replace Madam Vice President. Itsallfeasible and Pom Pom Meider are both up for re-election. Hence their desire to hold the executive positions this year.

Pom Pom Meider is hoping her Vice President title will get the public to forget that she completely forgets about the public while serving her term. You see, she doesn't reply to emails, phone calls, or anything resembling John Q Public unless there's a vote involved. Oh wait, that would assume she's actually had to run an effective campaign to earn a vote, which she hasn't. She was appointed and then ran unopposed.

Itsallfeasible was also appointed to her position. This is her first run for re-election. Look for Mrs. Conflict of Interest to wrap every Athletic Association hot dog with a wrapper stating "A Vote for Feasel is a Vote for Football!!" I'm sure the Jewelry IV class will make her some campaign trinkets to wear too.

Anonymous said...

I used the link supplied and read the many, many vile examples of what Olentangy school children are reading. Which pervert working at Olentangy assigned these filthy books?

Anonymous said...

Read those excerpts and remember that Stacy Dunbar--who is running for the board this year--chastised Davis at a board meeting for having those two books removed. She played the tired, uninformed "censorship" card. She also said she'd consider allowing the school district to distribute birth control to girls--I witnessed this personally from the candidate night forum with all the candidate from last year. What a wack job.

Also remember that Julie Feasel was against the board taking action on the Cannon school newspaper after they published "The Sex Edition" which, in addition to references to bestiality and other unacceptable topics, featured a debate between two freshman girls on oral sex and a story about a game girls play on boys at parties involving lollipops and private parts. She objected to the board "censoring" the kids (it's all for the kids!) until she was politely reminded that the community "owns" the printing press so it can dictate what does not get printed. She eventually caved in to the political pressure.

The website needs to be updated. Several books were added to the booklist last year that were completely inappropriate for the kids they were assigned to and unacceptable for school use.

Anonymous said...

Like the book -

"A Survival Guide to Middle School"

It was, and may still be, in our middle school libraries. Hyatts Middle School principal said she was going to pull the book. Kudos to her!

The book contains a section on oral sex. Most 6th graders haven't even kissed, but OLSD offers them a book on surviving oral sex.


Jim Fedako said...

10:41 --

The book didn't just walk into the library. The librarian bought it with tax dollars. What else is she putting on the shelves.

Anonymous said...


They aren't putting much on the shelves at Shanahan as the library is far too small to accommodate even that fine literary piece!

Maybe it's being stored in Andy's Annex?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed that, when Teri Meider isn't texting people during public participation she dozes off during discussions? It's happened at least three times this year.

She's so contemptuous of residents with issues that she rudely text-messages during their address to the board. Only when somebody has praise for the district does she listen intently and show interest.

And when the board discusses policy matters she often dozes off, which shows that she's either uninterested or so lacking in intellectual capacity that she is unable to grasp the subject matter.

And she is vice president of the school board???