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Sunspots, Skating, and Sanity

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Sunspots, Skating, and Sanity
Jim Fedako

It’s easy to feel isolated from the mainstream, especially with the media crafting images of a collective mass blindly worshipping the state. While it may be true that the center of this mass has turned onto the road to serfdom, the mass itself is not as cohesive as the media lead us to believe. Recently, I became aware of a fracture in the collective mass in an area where I thought a fracture could never exist.

Years ago, I started noting something a local TV weatherman mentioned each December. As soon as the temperature turned cold, he would tell viewers that he was installing a backyard skating rink. He even offered to provide installation advice to anyone who called him at the station.

Six years ago, with an approaching winter, I decided to build a rink for my kids’ enjoyment and to ward off my winter blues. I called the weatherman and got the necessary details, built the rink, and waited for the first real cold spell.

Now, a backyard skating rink in Ohio is an iffy proposition. Sure, the water will sit waiting for the cold, but the real cold may never come. While I have my good years and my bad years, this year has turned out to be exceptionally good. We are having a blast skating just about every evening.

Recently, in place of our evening skate, I took my older children to a meeting of the local chapter of the Campaign for Liberty. The topic was global warming and the guest speaker was none other than my local weatherman. As he and I chitchatted before the event, I thanked him for inspiring our backyard fun.

The meeting began and the weatherman rose and addressed the audience. Keep in mind that this gentleman has one of the most recognized faces and trusted names in Central Ohio. Sure, he occasionally gets his temperatures wrong, they all do. However, he is trusted as someone who tells the truth, as he knows it.

His presentation was to the point: There is no proof that human activity is causing global warming. None. Coming from a member of the mainstream media, this statement had quite an impact – coming from this man, even more so.

Over the next 20 minutes, he captivated his audience by detailing the holes in the supposed science of global warming. He successfully indicted the government and its agents for being inept and for working an agenda.

That night, there was no talk of CO2 as a poisonous gas, slowly cooking the Earth’s atmosphere. Instead, my media hero stated the true science of weather: temperatures rise and fall with the number of sunspots, and it is all cyclical. More sunspots, higher temperatures. My skating rink is hard as ice because the sun currently has no spots. No spots, colder temperatures. That is easy science. That is real science.

According to this weatherman, most meteorologists do not support human-induced global warming. Therefore, it would appear that the science of weather is not on the side of human-induced global warming – sorry Al Gore.

The night did not end there. The speaker was more than just a skeptic of global warming; he was a friend of liberty. He presented his political views – views strongly shared by the audience. That is when I realized that we are not alone in our fight.

And it was the realization that sanity does exist – in places I would never expect to find it – that made the evening special. The collective herd is not running as one toward the cliff of socialism. There are the recalcitrant few who still believe in liberty. And these folks have the ability to save our future.

Of course, the audience that night was predisposed to liberty. Nevertheless, trusted voices like my weatherman can halt the herd and expose its agitators – revealing the lies and manipulations for all to see. If only the herd will listen.

Don’t bet that the world will race off the cliff. Many will question the prevailing nonsense if they hear the truth from a trusted voice. And, remember this: like water, most folks simply seek the path of least resistance, without bothering to look toward the horizon and impending doom. For them, politics and economics are best left to the supposed professionals. Yet, with a little coaxing, the right voice can open their eye and allow them to see the approaching cliff and to embrace life and liberty over socialism and chains.

The state’s hold on the collective mass is fractured, and, through each fracture, light shines. Support the efforts of organizations such as the Campaign for Liberty. Help get the trusted voices before the ears of the uninformed and misinformed. Those willing to face the raging herd need as much support as we can give. Liberty lost is liberty never regained.

January 26, 2009

Jim Fedako is a homeschooling father of sixwho lives in Lewis Center, OH, and maintains a blog: Anti-Positivist.

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Anonymous said...

What the AGW fools don't understand (or conveniently don't admit openly) is that carbon dioxide is a trailing indicator of warming--not a leading one. The largest source of carbon dioxide is the ocean, which output dwarfs that of man's, many fold. Just as a warm soda loses its fizz more quickly and more completely than a cold soda (releasing carbon dioxide, of course) so too does the same happen with ocean water.

The planet stopped warming in 2003; that is, the apex of planetary warming as a result of coming out of the Midieval Warm Period (the "Little Ice Age") of 1650-1850 was reached. The sun's activity is, again, waning and as a result--as millions of years of planetary history has told us--we're in for another planetary cold spell.

I love the current news reports that "we have four years to save the planet". The AGW fools are really going into hyper-shrill mode now that they have a fellow AGW fool in the White House.

Looking at what is currently happening in Washington with the economic bailout leads me to wonder if the "economic crisis" fools took a page out of the alarmist global warming fools' handbook. The difference here is that the economy is a table top issue with Americans and plays to their immediate fears, which most people simply do not believe that the earth is going to burn up.

Anonymous said...

I'm now curious as to who the friendly weatherman is. I will give him my ratings when I watch the local news. Can you give me a hint? Maybe his initials?

Jim Fedako said...


First name starts with Jy.

Anonymous said...

jym ganahl. a man of reason.

Anonymous said...

Recently, I have had numerous discussions with my kids about Global Warming. It seems Olentangy (and all public districts I would think) teach that GW is a FACT! They teach that GW is real. Not because Science proves it, rather becuase it is a public institution pushing a political agenda.

The good news is that in one class, a student shouted "It's a hoax!" when the teacher began a discussion on Global Warming... and it wasn't my kid either. There are more and more people who believe in the truth and the scientific evidence that proves Al Gore and Global Warming is a joke.

Anonymous said...

There might be more and more but there just aren't enough. And those will be found "guilty" of something in order to shut them up. At lunch time I turned on the idiot box and watched a few minutes of the Ohio Supremes listening to some shysters arguing in defense of game wardens trespassing on private property and sneaking around looking for law-breakers. The mind-set of that sort is sickening. They hate freedom.