Thursday, January 29, 2009

Julie Feasel Flips and Flops

School board president Julie Feasel is loose with her figures and the truth. From observations over these last few weeks, it is now clear that she had no idea of the actual cost of Wade's contract prior to voting on it -- not a clue. It is also clear that we are getting another superintendent who can play the super majority of the board.

We now know that the administration and board lied to the community. Not once, but at least twice.

If it wasn't for board member Smith, Wade, the administration, and Feasel and the super majority would all be snickering -- Wade because he outplayed the board, the adminstration because they have a superintendent who will run the show, and Feasel and the super majority because they always enjoy sticking it to the taxpayer.

From Jen Smith:

Members of the Media,

At last evening's board meeting, Board President Julie Wagner Feasel cited a figure of $261,223 (not inclusive of moving cost, house settlement payment or vacation sell-back costs) as the total compensation of Wade Lucas' first full contract year. This is clearly much different than the $196,225 figure that she cited before voting on the contract on January 20th.

What is startling is that four school board members voted on a contract having no idea what the cost of that contract was- a cost of nearly $1.4 Million. To vote on a
contract with no regard for the cost of that contract, is blatant disregard for
taxpayer money -- the money which funds our school district -- and a failure of
their fiduciary duty to represent Olentangy residents. Board members should be good stewards of public funds, and the first step of that is to know the cost of board action being taken.

The new figure of $261,223 was announced by Feasel in response to a public participant, Patrick Grubbe, who spoke during public participation and asked to see district calculations of the superintendent contract costs. Feasel cited what she believed Scott Davis would've made had he still been superintendent (which is incalculable given that his contract ended and a new contract would have to be negotiated) as well as compensation for David Axner. In disseminating information about Davis and Axner, Julie Feasel clearly violated board policy 1077 which states " . . each board member will be allowed to make a brief clarifying statement regarding any statement said by the public during the public participation session. "[Policy link at bottom] Patrick Grubbe never mentioned Scott Davis or David Axner, so she was not clarifying any statement made by him, but rather speaking out of order.

When Mr. Grubbe asked Feasel for her numbers and her calculations that she cited, she said they were her own "personal notes" so she did not have to share the information he requested. Why is the President of the school board counter-transparent? Why is she unwilling to share her figures and how they were derived?

I hope you report on these issues and offer our community residents the correct information. I sent out one correction to the Media last week stating that the $196,225 figure was incorrect. Julie Feasel confirmed that last night.

Jennifer Smith


Anonymous said...

Are you surprised????

Anonymous said...

Olentangy is all about corruption and shaded politics. You can’t bring these people down, you have to vote them out of office.
You have to get attention on what is happening in the Olentangy district. Call the news stations, write letters, ask the newspaper to report the truth.
You can’t do this alone everybody needs to come together for change!

Anonymous said...

For more information, read today's Delaware Gazette article

Thank You Mark Claffey for presenting both sides of the story this time.

Anonymous said...

Klaffey is becoming what Gerish once was; rather, Klaffey found the pair of gonads that Gerish lost in the board room. This is how it happened--I saw it myself!

Klaffey: "Wow--what are these marbles doing on the floor? Hey--they're a pair of shiny-new gonads. Let me try them on (fiddle fiddle)...Mr. McFerson---what are you doing---stop---you can't have them---these gonads are mine!

Dimon: "But I took them from Gerish---they're mine, ALL MINE!!!!!

Wrestling to the ground Klaffey was able to pull his shiny-new gonads from the clutches of Dimon.

Congratulations on your new found set of stones, Mark!

But please...let Gerish borrow them from time-to-time...

Anonymous said...


Blago: I did it for the children

Timing is everything. If Illinois governor Rod Blagojevitch was impeached just two months earlier he may have received a clandestine visit from Der Furor McFerson to court him to come to Olentangy. Der Furor McFerson is no stranger to disgraced governors and, no doubt, would have been moved by the guv's "I Did It For The Kids" defense. Der Furor McFerson, after all, excuses all sorts of bad behavior and nonsense from those in the districts employee because, after all, "They Do It For The Kids", so it's all wholesome fun (and lucritive, to boot!).

Come to think of it...I'd probably prefer Blagojevitch to the Hack From Green that we just hired. At least Blago forcefully defends himself; Lucas appears to be hiding behind Der Furor's cloak and Galloway's skirt. Feasel is a non presence.

Anonymous said...

Ouch... you folks are brutal!

Kudos to Klaffey and the DG.

This Week and OVN have their work cut out for themselves now that the DG posted the truth.

Julie Unreasonable is sure to be on the hot seat in coming weeks as the news breaks across the district.

Anonymous said...

Julie Feasel would rather be on the hotseat from those detestable "district-hating" busybodies than frozen out from the Cool Club: the other board members, PTA drones and OFK zombies. God forbid she be on the receiving end of those biddies' gossip and whisper campaigns.

After all, it's cool to do show up to our kids' schools and do all of their teachers' work for them--all the copying, laminating, treats, parties, coordinating events adn fundraisers, buying them supplies, giving them monthly gift bags and gift cards (they actually do this), chaperoning, voting "Yes" on levies that aren't needed for another 12-18 months, etc.

Because, to do more for the teachers and to support everything that the district does and asks for is, after all, doing more for the kids. Who can be against that? Who would want to appear to be against that? Not Homecoming Queen Julie Feasel. I believe she is psychologically incapable of standing up to the herd. Fear of being on the outside, looking in. I bet it's what the Homecoming Queen feared most in school.

So, Julie--and we know you visit this blog habitually--prove us wrong and start voting with the little people. Start looking after our tax dollars. Start standing up to adding rigidity to our kids' curriculum and stop defending adding more ceramics or jewelry classes or whatever you advocated a few months ago.

Start acting like a mature, caring member of a community that wants our kids to be competitive when they exit OLSD, driving down the remediation rate (it's 25% or better despite the stat reading 19%) and holding those we entrust with our children to be accountable misdeeds, malfeasance and irresponsibility.

Anonymous said...

Julie Malfeasel. I like it!

Anonymous said...

When Julie voted on the contract she said it was $196,225 the first year. Now - a week after the vote!-she says it's $261K for the first year. Well, hell, that's only $300,000 more over the contract term. What's a few more hundred thou?

Is she seriously our representative on the school board?!? I guess that's what happens when we let candidates like Julie run uncontested - and we're PAYING for it!! Count the $1.4 Million ways.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh---what's $300K to these people?

Face it: if the Board is willing to pay six Weather Watchers $3,000 a year each (incl. the Director or Transportation--LOL!); the former superintendent $5,000 per month for 4.5 years as a good-bye present, and hire Attendance Trackers for $80,000 annually do you really think they care about spending tax payer money wisely???

These people are despicable. I plan to be very active in the fall to defeat the two morons up for re-election this year. I will walk this district end-to-end and campaign for the candidate(s) who will best serve the residents of this district.

When unemployment reaches 10% this spring a lot of people are going to be really, really pissed off that this stuff is happening. The community hasn't cared much because they've been fat and happy for the last 10 years. Well, that's gonna change.

Let's see these idiots try to justify this nonsense in light of 10% unemployment.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, exactly. Minister of Propaganda Amanda Morris had the gall to state that Jennifer Smith's numbers on Lucas's contract weren't official board numbers. Nowhere in her inaccurate, deceitful release did she dispute Smith's numbers.

So, Julie's revised numbers are where Smith's are and not what the district stated they were.

A.) Who was right? B.) Who was wrong? C.) Where is the clarification and apology to Smith for publicly stating that her calculations were wrong?

Maximum Misinformation For Every Resident.

Anonymous said...

No--I'm correcting myself. It's "Disinformation", which is false information that is deliberately disseminated, as opposed to "Misinformation", which is merely wrong.

There. District officials take note, particularly Minister Of Propaganda Morris: I released a public correction on myself. Try doing the same when you err.

Anonymous said...

I still want to see the numbers of the whole package(from the district)...year by year...benefit by benefit...and the total potential liability. Just like Smith laid out.

Anyone who runs a business knows you budget for the worst! Oh that's right, Madam Itsallfeasible doesn't run a business....she's just trying to build an empire!

Those coat tails are getting shorter Teri Pom Pom...come November, the voters will not forget this!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck to all who endeavor to throw the bums out but you won't find many who get behind you. The majority, those who vote for all those taxes, are products of those government schools. They think the way those schools trained them to think. They endorse what the schools do because they were trained to love the schools. They love Big Brother. The schools are operating exactly as they are/were intended to. They weren't expected to educate but to dumb down and control thought. Community Service is to be mandatory because it's the "doing" that brings the mind in alignment with the doing. The attitude follows the behavior. This I learned from reading the writings of the change-agents who control the agenda in the government schools.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing--you'll see it's mostly the higher income/higher educated people in the community who are so gung ho on the district. Why? My observation is that it's guilt. These folks live the life with the big house, two expensive cars, yearly blowouts to Disney World and elsewhere and they want to believe that the public schools they shuffle their kids off to every day are every bit as good as the private schools they would be able to afford if they didn't choose their expensive lifestyles over their children.

So, in their minds, the more involved they are in their kids' schools and the more vocally they support them, the better off their kids are to attend them.

It's wishful thinking of the worst kind.

But I do disagree that the bums can't be thrown out. It can be demonstrated amply that they fail on every level: curriculum (let's have more jewelry classes, right Julie?), finances (let's continue to ignore costs, not read contracts, and mock and impede Smith for wanting to see them and from obtaining them), and accountability.

These are all table top issues, friends, and I don't care what political stripe one is: the economy will continue to melt through November and the community will not have an appetite to reward Feasel and Meider with their negligence.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure guilt is a factor. But in lower income communities the voters also sacrifice to their god, the government school.
And based on first-hand knowledge private schools, such as CSG and Columbus Academy are using the same indoctrination that is used in government schools.
The local Fox TV station has a doofus do a feature frequently called Cool Schools (or is it Kool Scrules) in which he visits a local indoctrination center and broadcasts some ridiculous activity taking place there. Last week Teays Valley was featured and students were shown doing a Las Vegas style musical number. The girls were dressed like hookers for the performance. But that's nothing new. Cheerleaders were Go-Go Dancers in training long ago. Once sports became part of the curriculum it was inevitable that all sorts of other entertainments would be brought in. So now, the lower-income people of Pickaway County pay their taxes to train for show-biz.

Anonymous said...

Jjjjjjuuuuuulllllliiiiieeeeee....... wwwwhhhheeeerrrreeeee aaaarrrreeee yyyyouoouuuooouuu????

AHAHAH... I can't believe she hasn't jumped in on this one.

Anonymous said...

Maximum Entertainment For Every Student!

Anonymous said...

Maximum Non Market-Based Compensation For Every Superintendent!

Seriously--the line that UnFeasable had about "being competitive with surrounding districts" makes me wonder just how stupid that woman is. What surrounding school district(s) were we competing against at the time we were searching for a superintendent?

In the real world the district would have hammered out a basic compensation (ie "direct") package before they hired him. But they didn't plan it that way for a reason, and my suspicion is the old Der Furor Blank Check (wink-wink, nod-nod).

The notion that we "need to be competitive" presupposes that we were in competition with other districts to bring candidates here. What we should have done is indexed an offer to the candidate at 15% or 20% above what s/he's making at his/her current district, with a sliding scale upward another 5% depending on how much we want him/her or to counter an offer by his/her district to keep him/her. But benchmarking his compensation against Axner??? Ridiculous and unjustifiable. The board did that for no other reason than for prestige. In their little pea brains if Olentangy pays as much for our superintendent as Dublin or New Albany pays for theirs, then we're competitive whith those two.

Do these people get any dumber?

Anonymous said...

Teri Meider Property Taxes. She is not paying her fair share. She must have a friend inside the auditor office. People call about this!!

Property Location 8391 TRICIA PRICE DR
School Dist 2104 OLENTANGY SD
Acres 0.282

No. of Stories 2.00
Sq. Ft. 3160
Year Built 2007
Total Rooms 8
Full Bathrooms 3
Half Bathrooms 1
Bedrooms 3

Legal Description
Property Information
LOT 2899

Location Description

Owner Information
Owner Information
Mail Information
Mail Changes Only - Click Here

Assessment Info
Board of Revision No
Homestead No
2.5%/Reduction No
Divided Property No
New Construction No
Other Assessments Yes
Front Ft. 0.00
Market Land Value $68,300
CAUV Value $0
Market Impr Value $117,500
Market Total Value $185,800

Recent Transfer
# of Parcels 1
Deed Type 17 Warranty Deed
Sale Amount $318,500
Sale Date 4/9/2008
Conveyance # 891
Deed Number

Tax Information (See Payments Tab For Details)
Annual Tax * $4,229.19
Taxes Paid ** $0.00

Jim Fedako said...

12:07 (unpublished) --

Let's give it a few more days since the issue could be that the county is late posting payments.

Let's wait until Friday. OK?

Anonymous said...

Who was "Unpublished"? Todd Hanks?

Anonymous said...

It's not posting payment's that is in question. It is the property vaule on that home. All the houses on that road are in the300,000 range not 185,000. Not fair to all the rest of the people. This is a BIG ISSUE!!!! This whole county is corrupt!!!

Anonymous said...

Based on looking at the photo, Meider way over-paid for it. Big square footage but the value????. No wonder Olentangy taxpayers get no value for their taxes stolen from them.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, well she's not the only one getting a break!!!!

Check this out... Scott Galloway bought his house in 1998 for $196K. 11 years later, it is only valued at $214K, appreciating a paltry 9 percent.

Hmmmm.... Scott Galloway is the Executive Director of the Delaware County Republican Party, who just selected the candidate to fill the open County Commissioners seat. Former County Auditor, Todd Hanks was selected by Galloway to fill Kris Jordan's seat.

Could there be a connection?

No wonder these people don't care about the money they spend.... they don't have to pay their fair share!!!

Seems we have some Democrats among us!

Owner Information
Owner Information
Mail Information
Mail Changes Only - Click Here

Assessment Info
Board of Revision No
Homestead No
2.5%/Reduction No
Divided Property No
New Construction No
Other Assessments No
Front Ft. 0.00
Market Land Value $43,000
CAUV Value $0
Market Impr Value $171,400
Market Total Value $214,400

Recent Transfer
# of Parcels 1
Deed Type 16 Survivorship Deed
Sale Amount $195,885
Sale Date 5/27/1998
Conveyance # 1870
Deed Number

Anonymous said...

She is ripping her neighbors off!! They are paiding more taxes for their homes then her!! The value is based on square footage and neighborhood values. What the neighborhood is selling for!!! She is a fraud, not a honest person.

Anonymous said...

Scott Galloway property taxes are right, I hate to say that but it is true.

Anonymous said...

For sale on the same road as Teri Medier. You can buy this house for 519,000 far cry from 185,000 value!!! Look at the property Taxes.


Powell, OH 43065
Price: $519,900
Bedrooms: 5
Full Baths: 3
Partial Baths: 2
School District: OLENTANGY
County: Delaware

Take a Virtual Tour of This Property

Click here to view this image full-sized! Tools:
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Click on a thumbnail photo above to enlarge.

Remarks: PRICE REDUCTION 8/12/08, pristine 5 level split the golf course, almost 1/2 acre lot, extensive landscape huge stamped concrete patio, irrigation syst, solid doors, cherry stained cabinets, granite counters, bsmt is carpeted, poured walls, Looks like brand new!
Property Type: SINGLE FAMILY D
Status: Active
Style: SPLIT - 5+ LEVEL
Year Built: 2005
Square Feet: 5058
Air Conditioning: CENTRAL
Acres: 0.49

Fireplace: Y
Golf: Y
Basement: FULL, POURED
Municipality: LIBERTY TWP

Total Full Baths: 3
Total 1/2 Baths: 2
Family Room: Y

School District: OLENTANGY

Listing Price: $519,900
Annual Taxes: $7,553

C.C. said...

The question remains Ms. Feasel...when are you going to issue a detailed breakout of the total cost of Dr. Lucas' contract to the people of the district, as was requested at the last board meeting?

That means list serve...not the Delaware Gazette, This Week or SNP. The last two have been buried in the snow and no one has read them. Show us the real numbers and budget liability over the whole contract, year by year.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's imperative to know exactly what your locals are up to but it's also imperative to do the reading that explains how these locals' minds work and why. This mind-set is a planned thing. It's the Third Way. It's Communitarianism. The government indoctrination centers use the curriculum that brings it about. The flunkies who teach it are victims of it and pass it on in good conscience. It's Fabian Socialism. Bush was a Communitarian and Obama is one too. Obama tends toward the Marxist side of Communitarianism. But since the whole point is the merging of left and right it stand to reason both would be needed to bring it about. That's why there is no difference between the two parties. We ARE being merged. Goodbye Republic.