Thursday, January 15, 2009

Coming to a classroom near you

"The union advantage continues to give workers an incentive to fight back against employers unwilling to pay decent wages, even with all the obstacles to organizing that workers face today."

-- from "Why Teach Labor History", American Federation of Teachers.

Yes, the teachers unions want teachers to indoctrinate their students on the benefits of ... unions. Go figure.

Children are learning that unions protect workers from employers unwilling to pay decent wages. Guess what? For public schools, the taxpayers are the employers. So children are learning that fighting for increased tax burdens to benefit school employees is the right thing to do.

Not only do we pay for this nonsense in the short run, but we also pay as our country is slowly turned to socialism (by unionized teachers) in the long run.


Anonymous said...

Looking back on my years in the government schools I can remember so many times we were all lied to and indoctrinated to accept the State views and we never had a clue what was being done to us. The dullards who were our teachers, for the most part, believed all the lies. Then our children were fed even more lies and now their children are in those factories. We see the results all around us. The taxes are passed by the dumbed down dolts who believed the lies.

Anonymous said...

That hasn't been my experience from the inside. I have many conservative coworkers, and I surmise many could spot - and would be willing to call out - this poor camouflage. I've never been directly approached by the union with material to present to students. If the NEA tried to force something they would have to place it first on the state standards, and that's the point of greatest vulnerability - from my admittedly limited perspective.

Jim Fedako said...

8:25 --

"If the NEA tried to force something they would have to place it first on the state standards"

Wrong. Not even close. Anything beyond the state standards can be taught. Are you really a teacher? Hmmm.

Connie said...

Not only can they not spot it, they would never call it out. They only keep their jobs because they will push the lies. The textbooks arrive with the lies. The poor dumb kids are fed the lies and believe them for the rest of their days (with a few exceptions). Anyone who can't recognize this (and that would be most people) accepts the lies. As dumbed down as we were, the present crop is even more dumbed down. They may be accomplished at using their ipods and PCs but they are completely clueless about most everything else. And what good is proficiency with your electronic gadgets if you can't find the truth with it? Jay Leno has demonstrated that. There's a Mt. Vernon teacher being drummed out now because he is accused of violating state standards.

Anonymous said...

iPod? Did someone say "iPod"??

I want my Red iPod Shuffle, and my canoe trip, and my $3,000 lunch at La Tavolla!

...can I have a $4,000 SmartBoard with Bluetooth tablet, too?

Our teachers might not very good at educating, but they're sure good at spending my money!

Anonymous said...

Anon 7.54....

I don't know about our teachers spending money wildly, but I heard that Central Office is throwing $100 bills in the fire to keep warm. Oh... and the camp fire is located where the old spacious library used to be. The renovations included a "smores station."

Anonymous said...

8:25 here. Yes, I'm a teacher. I paused -dumbfounded- on the Communist News Network's THREE DAY (?!) run up to the inaugurantion; well aware I have my union to thank for this mess. I don't like that the OEA is so overtly political, especially since they endorse only one party despite the fact they've not polled their membership in the six presidential campaigns during which I've been a member. Yes, I've complained -loudly- to them- during the previous three elections. Returning to the point of the thread, though. I'm only speaking for myself. There is barely enough time to cover the state standards let alone indoctrinate on the curse - oops, luxury - of union memership. I'm sure if someone has strong leanings they'll find a way to present their views, but most people I know really don't serve the union "demigod" (as the hierarchy might see the OEA) and are too busy.

Jim Fedako said...

5:13 --

You had me until here: There is barely enough time to cover the state standards let alone indoctrinate on the curse - oops, luxury - of union memership.

Please. As former school board member and, before homeschooling, a parent of four public school students, I can say this with certainty: 1. the standards are low indeed; 2. the standards never stopped teachers from straying off topic or taking "fun" days. In fact, it seems like it was the odd day that only the standards were addressed during a class period.

(For those who think the standards are high, visit the ODE web site and see past tests for yourself.)

As a member of the Ohio Grade 4 Writing Content Advisory Committee, I can state with certainty that both the standards and the tests are the product of teachers and administrators -- in a word: OEA.

The indoctrination exists on that committee also. Again, don't believe me, join a committee yourself. Of course, if you (5:13) join, my tax dollars pay your expenses. Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

I still remember being taught in middle school about the glories of the unionization of workers in America. Not specifically about teachers' unions, just unions in general. Unions weren't all bad but I have union types in my family so I'm familiar with the mindset. The Teachers' Unions are just awful for education, taxpayers and America. Very, very detrimental. Good for the parasites, bad for the rest of us.
School teachers have been teaching lies about this country and politicians, probably since government mandated public schools. Even when the truth is available in books that anybody can obtain the lies continue. The lies we were/are taught about Lincoln and the War of Northern Aggression are some of the worst.