Monday, January 19, 2009

The Delaware County Commissioners: the new Progressives

According to the Delaware County Political Reporter, the commissioners are looking for a new professional economic development coordinator, and they are looking for a star. So the commissioners are omniscient enough to select a star, a star who will be able to lead Delaware County into the promised land.

We've been here before. And we will be here again. Think Olentangy superintendents when contemplating the ability of any elected official -- or group of elected officials -- to select a star. The same holds true when conceiving of the ability of any government official to be a star -- whatever star means in government.

The commissioners are stating this: We will spend a lot of money on a professional economic development coordinator, who will then be -- by definition -- a star.

Hey Commissioners, just work to lower taxes and leave the concept of stars to the private sector. You are not that good, and your coordinator will not be that good. Remember, we are talking government, not Steeler football.

Note: The Delaware County Political Reporter is enamored with the idea of a professional economic development coordinator. They link to this site which provides certification in that field. The certification requirements sound like a rehash of a WPA project.

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