Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Republican Hypocrisy

U.S. Congressman Pat Tiberi (R-OH) is now claiming to be a fiscal conservative. Funny, he continually votes for more government spending. In fact, he even uses his constituent email (latest one below) to congratulate himself on his contributions to bigger government and greater spending. Pure hypocrisy.
Day Marks When Average American Works Off Their Tax Obligation

U.S. Congressman Pat Tiberi (R-OH) today recognized Tax Freedom Day, the day the average American pays off their tax obligation and begins to actually spend their salary rather than send it to the government.

“This year’s tax obligation represents a little more than 30 percent of our annual income. That’s actually a little less than last year, because of the Economic Stimulus Payment, many taxpayers will receive beginning next month,” said Congressman Tiberi, a member of the Ways and Means Committee that oversees tax policy. “It’s unconscionable to think that while Americans work more than a third of the year, just so they can pay taxes to the government, the Democrats are planning on imposing the largest tax hike in history, increasing tax bills by an average of two thousand dollars! I believe people know how to better spend their money than the federal government does, and I believe we should be returning more of it to taxpayers’ wallets.”

The Tax Foundation calculates Tax Freedom Day by dividing the government tally of taxes collected each year by the income earned each year. The Foundation then converts that percentage into days worked. For more information, go to
The TaxFoundation.org.

1 comment:

Scott said...

The man obviously has no clue. Then he warns of democrats wanting to raise taxes when under a republican president and a republican congress (until 2007) we saw some of the largest spending increases in history.

Hey Pat, look in the mirror before you start blaming someone else.

I find Tiberi to be a lemming that follows party leadership whether it's right or wrong. Regardless of whether it's conservative, moderate or liberal.