Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Mother's Day Gift from the State

Mothers of Ohio, here you go. Ohio Treasurer Richard Cordray is using your tax dollars to provide you with the gift you desired all along. Though, for some reason, you couldn't recognize that desire -- a breakdown of Thymology I suppose.

Regardless, here it is. Enjoy. Cordray knew you would.

Thankfully, my mother lives in Florida and is unaware of Cordray trumping my measly gift. Well, at least I paid for mine.

Hey, wait a minute, I paid for both!

May 8, 2008

Gift to Ohio Moms: Tools for Financial Security

Columbus, Ohio

As Ohio families recognize Mother's Day this weekend, Ohio Treasurer Richard Cordray is trying something new to encourage those moms in their quest for financial security.

The Treasurer's office will make available online its newly-revised Women & Money 2008 Workbook, from Saturday, May 10 through Saturday, May 17. The workbook contains information on a wide variety of personal finance topics and is used as part of the office's annual Women & Money free financial workshops held during the summer. The Workbook is usually distributed only at the workshops.

The most recent statistics from the Institute for Women's Policy Research indicate that female senior citizens in Ohio are nearly twice as likely to live in poverty as their male counterparts. Women of all ages in Ohio are earning about 75 cents for every dollar which men earn, while more than a quarter of the state's households with children are headed by women.

"Women in Ohio are working hard, and raising families... many times, as the sole head of their household," said Treasurer Cordray. "Every bit of financial information they can get will help them balance their needs and their resources. Many of the 3,000 women who attended our Women & Money workshops last year told us that the workbook they took home guided them and reminded them of the steps to take toward financial security. We are now making the newest updates to this educational information available before this year's workshops even begin, in hope of sparking broader resolve to increase our financial knowledge."

The 280-page Women & Money 2008 Workbook has twelve sections covering the following topics: Budgeting, Credit & Debt, Elder Care, Entrepreneurship, Estate Planning, Home Ownership, Identity Theft, Insurance, Investments, Kids & Money, Retirement Planning, and Supportive Financial Attitudes. The Workbook (and each section, which can be downloaded individually) is available for free download during the week of Mother's Day. A gift card option will be available for Web site visitors to send, for those who wish to offer a link to the Workbook as a Mother's Day gift. The workbook and other information can be found at

The Workbook will also be distributed to attendees of Treasurer Cordray's 2008 Women & Money workshops. These free conferences will be held between May 5 and July 14 in the following Ohio cities: Dayton, Youngstown, Cincinnati, St. Clairsville, Toledo, Lima, McArthur, Columbus, Akron, and Cleveland.

To learn more about the Women & Money workshops, or to sign up for one in your area, call 1-800-228-1102 or visit

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