Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Behind Closed Doors: The emergency action!

Oops ... I forgot to mention that the new board policy (see previous post) was adopted via an emergency action -- the policy was adopted after one reading with NO opportunity for community input. The board is quickly circling the wagons? Why?

From Tuesday's board agenda:

XII. Board's Action Items
A. Approve resolution, under the authority of Board Policy File #1081‐Suspension of Policies, to suspend Board policy, File #1080‐Policy Adoption, in order to take an emergency action to adopt a new board policy concerning the safety and security of executive session


Paul said...

I hope the one Board member this is aimed at had the guts to vote against the resolution and the emergency implementation. I know nothing of the players in this drama, but given the dressing down of Ms. Smith by Supt Davis at an earlier meeting, one would have to consider her the target.

Ironic that when Ms. Smith said she would like to read employment contracts before approving them, the Supt told her that Board policy allowed the Board to vote with only selected information. To change policy, he said, it would have to be drafted, approved for the agenda, read three times in a public Board meeteing, and THEN it could be voted on.

Apparently, it's not that hard when you have the majority behind you. I hope the Olentangy voters remembers these shennanigans at the next election. This is the reason blogs are so important.

Hopefully the local papers will pick up the story as well.

Anonymous said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again, everyone on this Board, except Smith, needs to go. The people in this district need to sit-up and take notice. Gallowaste and "The Bobblehead Gang" need to be voted out. Look at our commisioners, just as crooked, just as clueless (they didn't realize they need PEOPLE to vote FOR them and neither do these clowns) and spend your tax dallors like WATER. Mirror images as I see it. As soon as Kris Jordan and his soon to be ex-henchmen realized the video feed of their meetings was not only being veiwed but written about and acted on, he/they stopped the U-tube feed. So, the parallel.. Board votes to stop any taping of executive sessions so they can still get away with cap? Hmmm.
Crooked commisoners, crooked Board.
Sick of this Crap

Paul said...

I finally had the time to listen to the audio of the 5/27 Board meeting. These discussion occurred at the 1hr 50min mark in the meeting. When the vote was on the emergency action was taken, Ms. Smith was the only one that voted NO. When the vote on the resolution was taken, she abstained. Not quite as good as a NO, but better than YES. I wish she would have made some comments about her reasoning.

As the roll call for each vote was taken, notice the pause after each of Ms. Smith's votes. I could envision the other Board members giving her the stink-eye.


Anonymous said...

voting for that odorous, crap-pile-of-an-action was a "Stink-AYE"!