Saturday, May 10, 2008

Delaware County tax dollars at work

The stated goal of the Delaware-Union ESC: Our goal is to provide each student with a safe learning environment that enhances self-esteem and strengthens academic and social skills. (Funny, golf isn't listed here)1

The wonderful results below are the product of your tax dollars.2 The issue is not just the quality of work, it's the subject matter and the language used.

Self-esteem?!? What a bunch of nonsense!

From Our Way: Alternative Education

Forever: By Judy Blume

By a student from Delaware Hayes H.S.

The book Forever by Judy Blume was about a teenage girl who fell in love. It talks about how the main character goes through losing her virginity, with all of the emotions and everything that has to come with this. After leaving for the summer for a job, she ends up developing feeling for another guy. After she tells her boyfriend about these feelings he ends up breaking up with her. Then she soon realizes that forever doesn’t always mean forever.

I thought this book sucked, for the fact that things don’t really happen like that, but the book did make a good point. A person may say forever and a someone may believe it. Forever doesn’t always mean forever. That’s the only point this book make.


1. In reference to the issues with the current superintendent.

2. Olentangy residents support the Delaware-Union ESC

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