Friday, May 30, 2008

Olentangy School Board: A proposed policy

As long as the district is adding policies, here's one that is a must:

WHEREAS, as a public school district, Olentangy Local Schools is a entity of state government; and,

WHEREAS, state law requires school board members to conform to state-mandated ethical behaviour; and,

WHEREAS, school board members must not lead other elected officials astray of state ethics laws;

THEREFORE, be it resolved by the board that school board members, whether acting in their private or public capacities, will not pay to take the Ohio governor on golf outings or to hockey games, activities prohibited by state law and common sense.


Anonymous said...

GET REAL! Our School Board adopt a policy on ETHICS? Jennifer Smith would be the only member left after ONE DAY. They prove at every meeting, public or private that they have no ehtics. Thus the last propsal they passed for not taping executive sessions so they can continue UNETHICAL behavior!!
Still sick of their crap!

Jim Fedako said...

I agree.

But, consider this ... We are the only district that can claim a board member who contributed to the conviction of a governor.