Friday, May 16, 2008

Ohio State Senator Harris: the face of the new Republican Party

Gone is Reagan; a forgotten memory in the halls of the Republican Party. Oh, sure, the photos of Ronnie still hang on the walls, but any hint of conservatism is a dusty relic, locked in the dusty attic of the Progressive Right.

In Ohio the Republican Party -- under the leadership of senate president Bill Harris -- lead the charge to close payday lenders. In doing so, any vestige of individualism and property rights, and the Grand Old Party, gave way to the new Nanny Do-Gooder Party.

Harris and his fellow Republicans prove the old adage that the only difference between a Democrat and a Republican is ten years. That's right, Harris is the 2008 face of the ideals that were the Democratic Party of the 1990's.

It's time that the Republicans drop Progressive ideology and return to classical liberalism. Let the Democrats hold onto the belief that, through government, society can be perfected, leading to the socialists' dreamed utopia.

Harris and fellow Republicans believe that they know best. They want to decide the rules that govern all trade and commerce between willing individuals. Arrogance? You bet! Deluded? Absolutely!

Of course, WE, allow them to continue their road to our serfdom. And, we cheer them on. A sad state of affairs.

A nation founded on "Don't Tread On Me!" reduced to children seeking the warmth of the state, in all matters, private and public.

As long as WE allow Harris and the state to usurp our Liberties, they more they will take. WE have failed our ancestors. WE have failed our Founding Fathers and our Patriots!

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Anonymous said...

Jim, I stopped into a"check Cashing" stoe Saturday and spoke to the manager. It seems to me for a short term loan to get someone help 'till payday, that $15.00 on a $100.00 dollar loan for up to three weeks seemed pretty cheap. If you figure the cost of writing a NSF check, your bank fees would be much higher, not to mention that certain vendors may no longer accept a check in the future from said person. I think people need to be able to make their own choices and this wasn't so bad. The manager said that since the Ohio House has passed this bill that if you haven't use one of these check cashing services in the last thirty days, that one is now not able to use them, and they are now not able to grow their clientelle with new business. That seems very unfair. I will be calling my lawmakers. Sick of this crap