Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Olentangy Schools: Levy and the State Standards Analysis Report

I am revisiting the series of posts I did on the Olentangy State Standard Analysis report as this report will be two years old around levy time.

Never heard of the report? That's because it was never discussed in public, nor shared with the board. Isn't that interesting? A report paid for by local tax dollars never discussed in public nor shared with board of education. Hmmm.

The Olentangy State Standard Analysis report identified well over $10 million in yearly savings, savings that could have been applied starting two years ago. But, for some reason - there are many reasons I can think of - the administration never wanted to discuss this report in public. I imagine that time flies when you're spending someone else's money.

This report should have served as the basis for understanding rising costs and now requisite property tax -- should the levy pass. But the report is obviously being kept from the sunshine of public debate. The reason? I guess you will have to ask your board members why they do not want the public to be given the opportunity to hear debate on this important report; a report funded by local tax dollars.

You'd think that before going to the voters for additional tax dollars, the board would have wanted to get a handle on costs ... you'd think anyway ...

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Anonymous said...

I have yet to encounter anyone who will vote for the levy. Friends, neighbors, associates/colleagues, etc. No one. And they cite the District's cry of growth most irksome, like the District Administration has them over a barrel because of it: "But you HAVE TO vote for the levy--we're facing unprecedented growth!!!". Well, the District seems to be facing an unprecedented loss of faith with residents because they're not buying it this time.

Approach us next November and we'll talk. Until then, make meaningful cuts and ask taxpayers for more funds in proper fashion and not with a bunch of threats to slash essential services.