Saturday, January 12, 2008

Indoctrination: the gatekeepers

The issues that goes unmentioned with regard to the Olentangy Spanish activity on illegal immigration is this: The Spanish teacher -- and hence the administration -- are the gatekeepers; they decide who passes and who fails Spanish courses. These folks can dictate what students must do in order to pass a course.

If the teacher wants students to do activity X or believe position Y, she simply makes it a required element of her course. The student who wants to succeed in the course must perform activity X or state position Y, regardless of whether or not it is even remotely related to Spanish. And that's the key: The teacher and the administration engaged in indoctrination, not education.

This is no different than the professor who demands adherence to his political views in order to pass (say) his math class.

Well, there is one big difference: Everyone in the district -- and throughout the state and nation for that matter -- must pay for the political views of the Olentangy staff and administration, regardless of whether the Spanish teacher's politics match those of the taxpayer.

So, we pay for future generations to be indoctrinated by the politics of the NEA and associated minions. Heck, we even vote them raises for doing this. Yet, we still call it a public good.

Note: In Stockholm Syndrome fashion, students in these classes never question what is being "taught." Whether it's an immigration activity or perverse literature, the political views of the NEA are the political views of the next generation. Scary!

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