Saturday, January 05, 2008

Olentangy for Kids, spinning along for the ride

It's interesting, the Olentangy for Kids committee used to be about facts and honest campaigning. Now it's just another cog in the district's spin machine.

Just two days ago the OFK site made this statement: Click on the above link for a full listing of the dramatic cuts the district would be forced to make in the event of an issue failure. (emphasis added)

Yesterday, after noting my previous post, they've changed it to this: Click on the above link for a full listing of the dramatic cuts the district plans to make in the event of an issue failure. (emphasis added)

Though, despite that change, they still include this subsequent sentence: The long list below represents only a portion of the losses the district would incur. (emphasis added)

If the committee wants to be forthright, it had better correct this statement so that it also rings true. The district incurs those losses only if the board backs Davis's plan to punish parents; punish them for demanding fiscal accountability by voting NO in March, when a levy is not needed.

So, the committee admits that the superintendent is lying, er, spinning a tall tale, yet the committee is still willing to go along for the ride. Haven't you figured him out by now? Regardless, spinning and obfuscating is not the honest way to campaign across the fence. Don't your friends and neighbors deserve more?

note: Here is the Thursday version from the OFK website, posted for your review.


Anonymous said...

Jim, could you post some of the details of the election law violation referenced in a previous post.

Jim Fedako said...


Any false statement made to in order to influence a ballot issue is a violation of Ohio election laws. Of course, only the Ohio Elections Commission can decide whether a statement is legally false or not.

The point in question is that OFK posted the superintendent's oft-repeated statement that $10.4 million in cuts is required by law. That is not true. At most, the district has to offset its reported $2 million deficit.

You will note that OFK quickly changed their statement after reading my post. Why? They obviously agreed that it is a false statement to claim that the $10.4 million in cuts must be made.

Oh, since the superintendent is by law not allowed to be part of the campaign, he is most likely exempt from election laws. He can lie and spin as he chooses. Or, as his board chooses. It's simply their reputations on the line.