Friday, January 04, 2008

Spin Machine or Liars Club

Once again, ThisWeek Olentangy has Olentangy superintendent Scott Davis stating that the district must make $10.4 million in cuts if the March 2008 levy fails.

According to Davis, state law requires the district to cut $10.4 million in order to balance its FY09 budget. So, he is stating that $10.4 million must be cut in order to offset the $2 million deficit recently reported by the district to the Ohio Department of Education.

Did you get that big lie? The district must cut $10.4 million in order to offset a $2 million deficit.

ODE and state law only require a balanced budget, yet Davis states that the district must make $10.4 million in cuts if the voters do not approve his March levy. Amazing!

The sad part is that Davis is now dragging those associated with Olentangy for Kids into his unethical strategy -- keep in mind that making false campaign claims is not just unethical: it's illegal.1

Davis, Have you no shame?

On top of this, the district has millions of investment income squirrelled away in its bond fund. This money will easily offset the deficit. And, this money will miraculously appear once the issue passes. Folks, I've served on the board and that is how the administration plays its game.


1. I would know since I am the only one to have fought and won an election law violation in district history. I know how the process works, what's required, etc. It's actually easy, and fun.

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