Sunday, January 27, 2008

Open letter to Scott Galloway, Olentangy board president

Sent to all Delaware County Republican Party Central Committee members (those with party email addresses) in the cities of Powell and Columbus, plus the townships of Berlin, Liberty, and Orange.

Scott Galloway:

Under your direction, the Olentangy superintendent is claiming that, should the March levy fail, the state requires the district to make $10.5 million in cuts. That is an outright lie, yet the superintendent continues to make it.

The reality is this: The district's most recent Five-Year Financial Forecast -- filed in October -- shows a deficit of only $2 million for the next school year (FY09). Moreover, according to the forecast, salary and benefit increases will be costing the district over $7 million in FY09. So, it is obvious that the deficit is simply a salary and benefits issue, yet you claim that the district must make $10.5 million worth of cuts in current programs; an outright lie.

I will assume that as board president you are well versed in the specifics of the forecast, so you obviously understand the issue, and the lie.

Please explain why a Republican party official would be leading such a deception. Why are you deceiving taxpayers and threatening parents?

Jim Fedako
former member
Olentangy Board of Education

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