Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What Olentangy for Kids is not saying

1. Local property taxes have been rising at an annualized rate of over 7%.
Is this rate of increase -- double inflation -- due to something special about education in Olentangy? Yes. The average employee has been reaping yearly salary increases of over 6%, plus projected increases for health insurance of 12%; far, far above the private sector.
2. The levy on the ballot will increase operating millage by almost 30%.
That's a huge increase, isn't it? But, as I have previously written, the money is not for the kids, it's for salaries and benefits. The district is facing a $2 million deficit -- which can be covered by reduced salary increases and controlled insurance costs -- yet the superintendent plans to cut $10.4 million. Why such large cuts? To supposedly punish parents should the levy fail. All about the kids? Huh. It's all about the ego of the superintendent. Oh, and your hard-earned tax dollars.
3. The superintendent is lying about the need for $10.4 million in cuts.
Olentangy for Kids is supposed to be separate from the administration, yet they have appear to take marching orders from district officials. Though, in this instance, they recognized that the superintendent has been lying about the state requiring $10.4 million in cuts should the levy fail. This bald lie is unheard of in Olentangy history. Even OFK bought the superintendent's story until I posted the truth in an earlier piece. OFK quickly changed their web page, though they still are selling the rest of the superintendent's story. OFK used to be about truth. Times change.

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Anonymous said...

The District's motto should be changed to "Maximum Taxes for Every Resident" !