Friday, January 25, 2008

Olentangy School District's Scott Davis spins a web of deceit

Oh! what a tangled web we weave
When first we practice to deceive!
Sir Walter Scott

Once again, the Davis lie is the headline of ThisWeek Olentangy.

The web of deceit being weaved by Scott Davis is entangling many. The claim that the district MUST cut $10.4 million in order to offset a $2 million deficit is quite a lie. It is strange enough to lie to the public, time and time again, yet to entangle others in your lies is even stranger. Davis is much more than a spinner or a trickster, he's a liar, plain and simple.

Oh, but the web! Keep in mind that those campaigning for the levy are now associated with Davis's lies. These folks are putting their reputations on the line as they speak to friends and neighbors. Their "trust me" is going to mean little after the truth is known. And, then? Well, the damage is down.

The Davis lies are spinning a web that will remain. It's obvious that he doesn't care about his personal reputation, and it's obvious that he doesn't care about the reputations others. Yet, they care, but are now trapped in Davis's lies; lies that on first glance look like silk, but are nothing more that true deceptions.

Davis is a true piece of work!


Anonymous said...


My 16 year old daughter came home from her first day at school in tears. She said they would be dissecting cats in her anatomy and physiology class at Olentangy High School in Delaware County. I was shocked! I was appalled! I couldn't believe this was true. We have several cats as part of our family. The thought of dissecting these beautiful animals sickened me.

.There are many alternatives to dissection available. The senseless killing of animals is totally unnecessary for the biologically minded pre-college student.
Our sons and daughters do not need this traumatic or emotionally desensitizing experience. We need to teach respect for life. All life.

For the animals,

All information From PETA Call or Complaints about Dissection of Cats, (757)622-PETA

Jim Fedako said...

Well ... I'm no PETA fan since they push for government solutions. But, there it is.

Anonymous said...

Crying over disecting cats... wow. Get a grip. Life is as much about living as it is about dying. In order to respect life, you have to understand the complexity that makes one alive. Last I checked, there were plenty of cats put to death due to overpopulation. In my opinion, using a few of those for education purposes is a good use of a dead cat.

As for PETA, they are a terrorist organization that values a dog more than a human baby. Anyone who would support an organization needs their head examined.