Friday, January 19, 2007

Olentangy's State Standards Analysis Installment 7

The serial continues... here is installment seven ...

Once the full report is online, I will provide an analysis of areas where cost can be reduced.

note: click to read installments one, two, three, four, five, and six

I am posting the seventh installment of the Olentangy State Standard Analysis report since neither the board nor the administration want to discuss this in public - for whatever reason. This report on district expenditures was commissioned by the administration and completed last March - almost a year ago. I imagine that time flies when you're spending someone else's money.

This study should be serving as the basis for understanding rising costs and requisite soon-to-be-proposed property tax increases. But, the report is obviously being kept from the sunshine of public debate. The reason? I guess you will have to ask your board members why the public should not be given the opportunity to hear debate on this important report; a report funded by local tax dollars.

You'd think that with possible levies on the horizon, the board would want to get a handle on costs ... you'd think anyway ...

I have been asked if I could provide a .pdf version. Sorry, I only have a hardcopy document. You can ask the district to provide you with a copy through a public records request. According to Ohio law, the district cannot ask you for identification, though they can charge a slight copying fee.

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