Sunday, January 20, 2008

Central Planning: the shattering mirror

Due to government initiatives and regulations, corn demand is up and, hence, more land is being devoted to corn. Yet, the demand for corn and land is reducing another government intervention -- land conservation. One government program undoes another government program: the definition of chaos.

Take the new unconstitutional1 federal light bulb standard; incandescent is being phased out in favor of fluorescent. So, the feds reduce energy but introduce more mercury into landfills and the water supply. Clean Water Act anyone? Government at odds with itself.

Decades ago, FA Hayek showed that government, unless checked, necessarily becomes more intrusive and more oppressive, ending in serfdom. Ludwig von Mises showed that government planning necessarily leads to chaos. You can see those truths in the interventions above.

Never, never, did our Founders risk their lives for an intrusive central state that taxes an absurd amount of income, robbing the productive for the sake of the nonproductive. Never, never, did they conceive of a nation where the largest employers are governmental agencies.

Yet, here we stand, a nation where the federal government taxes wages for programs that are nonsensical, and at odds with each other. The examples above prove that central planning is an oxymoron; tax-funded chaos leading toward serfdom.

Everything is not lost. On the horizon is the movement of Liberty; a movement that has once again found a leader: Ron Paul.

Paul is the only candidate who will check government expansion. He is the only candidate who actually believes YOU are capable of running your life. That my friends is the essence of Liberty.


1. Nowhere in the Constitution is the federal government granted such powers. In fact, the 9th and 10th Amendments forbid the feds from such intrusions into the lives of the people and the several states. Other than Ron Paul, the Constitution is a dead letter in DC.

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