Sunday, April 22, 2007

Happy birthday Olentangy State Standards Analysis

I am revisiting the series of posts I did on the Olentangy State Standard Analysis report - now one year old and one month old.

If the proposed state funding formula passes both Ohio houses, the Olentangy School District gains more than $4 million in state aid over the projections contained in the district's October Five Year Forecast. That means the district needs to find only $10 million in expenses over the next 27 months - a 4% reduction - in order to go another year before asking for another operating levy. If the district holds the line on salary increases in the upcoming teachers contract negotiations, the $10 million deficit is almost zero.

The Olentangy State Standard Analysis report identified well over $10 million in yearly savings, savings that could have been applied starting last year. But, for some reason - there are many reasons I can think of - neither the board nor the administration want to discuss this report in public. I imagine that time flies when you're spending someone else's money.

This report should be serving as the basis for understanding rising costs and requisite soon-to-be-proposed property tax increases. But the report is obviously being kept from the sunshine of public debate. The reason? I guess you will have to ask your board members why the public should not be given the opportunity to hear debate on this important report; a report funded by local tax dollars.

You'd think that with possible levies on the horizon, the board would want to get a handle on costs ... you'd think anyway ...

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Anonymous said...

Why do we spend $140,000+ for two FTEs to track attendance at our two high schools ($61,000 x2 +benefits). I google on "attendance tracking software" and get dozens of returns. Buy a couple licenses and a dedicated server and there you go. Duh. Oh, yeah--the teachers would have to be trained to use it, and we saw how difficult it was/is for them to learn the new book selection process. Oh, seemed like a good idea...