Sunday, April 15, 2007

Another hidden cost of taxes

You can't blog and do taxes at the same time.1

What are we getting for our time and tax dollars. Heaven on Earth? Hardly.

According to Rousas John Rushdoony - Christian writer and father-in-law of Gary North - rabbinical traditions have counted 613 separate laws in the Torah, our Old Testament. Six hundred thirteen. And, many of these laws were subsequently repealed by Jesus's blood.

According to Rushdoony, current local, state, and federal laws number in the millions. Millions!

Keep this in mind on tax day. Some claim that Christianity is heavy-handed with its number of laws? Not at all. Is government - local, state, and federal - heavy-handed? Absolutely!

Thanks to Steve Scott at From the Pew for the Rushdoony count.


[1]OK, I managed a blog posting, but it is simply a rehash of an older posting.

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