Friday, April 27, 2007

The cross-country bus ride test

Students, consider this situation:
You have just begun a cross-country bus ride when, at the first stop, an adult boards and take the seat beside you. Once the door closes and the bus begins moving again, the adult, without prompting on your part, says, "Have I got a story that you need to hear." The adult then begins telling you - in full graphic detail - the scenes and dialog from some perverse book they just read.

Question: What thoughts are running through your head?

a. What luck, an interesting adult to chat with for the next 1800 miles.
b. Man, am I creeped out. Who is this sicko? Driver?!?
How in the world is the adult on the bus any different from the adult in the classroom? Answer: There is no difference. They both are creepy situations, and creepy people.


Anonymous said...

What is creepy -- is narrow-minded people who think that their way is the only way.. to judge, less ye be judged.. Not ALL adults are out there to CORRUPT kids.. there might even be a Christian or some morally responsible adults who want students to think critically about the reality of life -- Who would ever want to corrupt KIDS??? What movie have you been watching?? What adults ARE YOU HANGING OUT WITH that want to corrupt kids or tell them VILE images or to taint their kids' sensibilities??? Are your accusations a little closer to your heart as you project your fears and corrupt thoughts onto other innocent people??? Life can be ugly.. the war in Iraq is not always pretty, but while we are here on earth, there will be evil things.. Do not assume that sheltering students or children will protect them from seeing or even encountering things that you would want to protect them from.. Is it better to put them in a box without any foundation on how to interpret the things that occur in the world.. Is it not better to discuss things and be WISE and address things in an intelligent and sensible manner versus making a public spectacle of everything? What example are people showing when they just keep drawing attention to your fears and your attempt to control things that are not within your control. There is only ONE who is perfect that will protect mankind... Why not try trusting the ONE that you profess as being a higher being versus fighting battles that will not be won on Earth.. Wake up and realize that the perhaps.. "The fault dear Brutus, is not in our stars but in ourselves...”

Jim Fedako said...

You will have to point me a Bible verse or two that backs up your point. Otherwise, you sound as vile as those you defend. And, that's not a compliment.