Monday, April 09, 2007

What a solution?!?

Superintendent Davis introduced his new Literacy Selection Policy not too long ago, and here is the end product. Davis' staff applied the policy and added The Perks of Being a Wallflower to the required reading list.

What a vile addition. I wonder if Davis is proud of his new policy, and his staff. You now know why he did not want parents on the selection committee; parents would have vetoed the new addition - and, the district simply cannot have that.

There was a time when adults who encourage children to read such perverse material were guilty of an offense; if not a legal one, certainly a moral one.

According to the American Library Association - a collection of idiots who's dream is to expose all children to as much perverse media as possible - the book was one of the ten most challenged books in 2006. So, it appears that while other districts recognize inappropriate material, Olentangy cannot get enough.

I cannot imagine what is in the hearts of adults who desire - yes, desire - to have children read such vile. The sad part is that we are paying the teachers and administrators to do this.

Note: Caution, the following excerpts are indeed vile.

review of The Perks of Being a Wallflower
: The edition that the page numbers reference is unknown, but we have verified the excerpts to be correct. There is much more controversial material in this book than that below. The book is aimed at teenagers, and is told from a teenage boy's perspective. The book contains explicit references and discussion regarding:
‑ Sexual acts between teenagers.
‑ Male masturbation.
‑ Oral‑genital sex.
‑ A great deal of profanity.
‑ Male homosexual acts between teenaged boys, including kissing, seduction/"having a crush" and anal sex.
‑ Illegal drug use.
‑ Homosexual acts between men and boys.
‑ Sex between a boy and a dog.
‑ Female masturbation using an object.



Anonymous said...

Is there no one to rush to the good super's defense? Why, he only wants what's best for our children, right?


Anonymous said...

The ALA, predictably, proclaimed that book a "coming-of-age story".

The ALA rushed to condemn the Bush adminisration for not doing more to protect libraries in Iraq but refused to issue a statement on NAMBLA and other pedophile groups using public libraries to conduct meetings (during after school hours, no less). One of these pedophiles even used a public library's computer to lure a child into a sexual relationship. The ALA is also against putting internet pornography filters on public library computers.

A casual tour of the ALA website reveals a soft spot for gay/transgender issues and interests so it's only natural that they would rubber stamp a homoerotic screed like "...Wallflower" as acceptable.

The ALA even says of Chris Crutcher, the author of the remarkably profane "Whale Talk" that "(he) is a remarkably strong voice for young adult readers and for intellectual freedom. He's stood with schools and libraries as they have faced challenges to his materials. He's an advocate as well as a writer. He gets it".

By the way, the ALA didn't utter a peep when Fidel Castro jailed several "independent librarians" for distributing pro America publications. What an organization!

Anonymous said...

I visited the Pabbis site to find out who they were, but found nothing that would explain to me who they are or their credentials.
Any time anyone takes passages out of context, it is difficult to determine what the passages really mean. Surely you would agree that many of these situations that are listed are also discussed in books where they are condemned, yet if the situations were simply listed, it would appear that the book had an opposite intention. People have excerpted passages from the Bible that could look bad if taken out of context.
Olentangy probably has a policy allowing any parent and/or student to "opt out" of a particular book. Please have your child opt out of reading this one and let other parents decide what their child should do AFTER they have read the entire book with everything in context.

Anonymous said...

The American Library Association screams "censorship" when a book that propagates their agenda is banned. This same organization will not shelve "Killer Angel", a biography about Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood. This particular biography is not favorable to Margaret Sanger and her life's work, labeling her a "baby killer." So the ALA keeps this book out of its libraries: Hypocrisy

Jim Fedako said...

To 7:57,

Why should anyone have to read filth simply to know its filth? Trust me, some very intelligent and conscientious adult readers reviewed this book and can testify to its vile subject matter.

You can buy the book and read it for yourself - no one is stopping you. But, why would any adult WANT children to read such nonsense? Especially adults entrusted with children. Don't you find that really creepy?

Anonymous said...

To 7:57: I took the following quote "out of context." Can you determine what it means? "After a few minutes, the boy pushed the girl’s head down, and she started to kiss his penis. She was still crying because he put his penis in her mouth, and I don’t think you can cry in that position. I had to stop watching at that point because I started to feel sick, but it kept going on, and they kept doing other things, and she kept saying “no”. Even when I covered my ears, I could still hear her say that. (The Perks of Being a Wallflower, pg. 30)” Note: This was, dare say I, innocuous, compared with other passages from this same book; passages that include sodomy, homoeroticism, boys making sexual overatures to and having sexual relationships with men . . . none of which are suitable for OR applicable to the educational learning objectives of a ninth grader.

Anonymous said...

have you read the book JIM, cause you never actually read the beacon only HEARD about it. Perks of being a wall flower is a great book. Its interesting and deals with a lot that goes on with teens in this lifetime. Teenagers can relate to it. unlike you.

Jim Fedako said...

To 2:56 -

Here is the quote from my other post from Tuesday.

Because too many teachers do not have anything much to teach, they decide their job is to be psychologists, using RELEVANT TEEN literature to conduct therapies to introduce (they hope) kids to the underside of life, and to guide them through their delicious emotions elicited by stories of perversity and crime.

As Heather Mac Donald says, the curriculum is "Anything But Knowledge."

Please note that the writers of these stories - aside from being creepy individuals - are simply manipulating teen's emotions for the writers' own perverse reasons.

Think about it: Someone is congering up a story to tell children, and decides that this is a great storyline and setting.

Is't that someone you want to keep away from children?

And, why do you desire for children to read the perverse books that you - for some odd reason - enjoy?

Reflect on that for a while.

Jim Fedako said...

Since 2:56 appears to be a students:

1. Yes, I have read the whole miserable Beacon.

2. The subject matter discussed in the The Perks has been around forever. The Bible details similar behaviors throughout history.

The issue is this: What is the author attempting to gain from his story? It's quite apparent that he is simply trying to manipulate your emotions, and he likely wants you to obsess on them. He views enlightenment as the realm for only those who also act out the behaviors he finds exciting. He seeks to see others join him in the dark world he chooses as his home.

The Bible tells those stories to alert you to the results of such behaviors. The Bible offers you freedom from a depraved life by lighting your world in truth.

So, do you chose the creepy adult looking to manipulate your emotions; or, the Bible that looks to heal your hurts and anxieties, and guide you toward a happy life? The choice, my friend, is yours.

And, since you are seeking out this blog, I believe that you are someone looking for a healthier life. Find a local church and read God's word. Best of luck. I'll pray for you.

Anonymous said...

actually jim i read the bible everynight and i go to church every sunday morning with my grandma, and i still read perks of being a wallflower, actually ive read it 3 times because its a good book.

Jim Fedako said...

To 7:28 -

Do you truly beleive that God desires for yourself, or any other child, to read such material? Ask your pastor if you can include that book in the church's library.

If it's not appropriate for church, why is it appropriate for schools?

Anonymous said...

i believe that God gave us free will.

Jim Fedako said...

Yes, you have free will. But you will be judged in how you act, and what you do. Note Jesus's clear explanation of what happens to somone who leads a child astray. The adults can do that - free will - but the price is very, very high. It sounds as if Hell would be a refuge for the punishment due such an adult.

Anonymous said...

you are not one to judge or assume such a thing. that is not up to you.

Jim Fedako said...

What was judged here? This is a simple application of the words of Christ. His words are true, and is it not my duty to warn those who may use their free will to act in opposition to Jesus's firm declaration.

How do you establish right and wrong in your life if not through the Bible? And, is it not fair to warn others of the words of truth?

Does the Bible and words of Jesus apply to everyone? Or, is free will the trump card that negates Biblical laws?

Anonymous said...

your kids are gonna hate you.

i feel that you manipulate peoples emotions by listing all the horrible things that went on in the book. i can't imagine what kind of author would try to do that. would you?

Jim Fedako said...

Where is the Bible do you read that my children will hate me for protecting them from such nonsense? Keep in mind that my parents protected me, and I don't hate them.

My goal is to raise my children in the way of the Lord. They may be upset with some my decisions, yet, the Bible says they will understand in the end.

Two points:

One. You have not answered the questions I asked regarding your understanding of the Bible.

Two. The Young Adult books are a relatively new genre that contain such nonsense. These books are written by adults, and assigned by adults, for young children to read. Why are these ADULTS writing perverse books for children? Don't you think that very creepy?