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Another great offering from Laissez Faire Books is Eco-Freaks by John Berlau. Of special interest is his discussion of the tens of millions of lives lost to malaria in the 35 years since the governmental bans of DDT.

Starting in 1972, governments worldwide began banning DDT based on the biased, junk science found in Rachel Carson's Silent Spring. Now, governments are admitting their error, and DDT is once again being used against carrier mosquitoes. Of course, that admission is too late for those who died needlessly, as well as the millions who continue to suffer. So much for the omniscience of governments and their agents.

At least when the market fails, victims have means for recourse. No means for recourse exists when governments are negligent. So much for the belief that government can justly improve the condition of humanity.

Lew Rockwell has an excellent article on this very subject over at

Keep all this in mind as you read about governmental solutions to global warming. Gore and his cronies are the modern-day Rachel Carsons, ready to destroy the lives of millions.

In the meantime, read Eco-Freaks to see all the ills caused by those who care little for human life.

Jim Fedako

Environmentalism Is Hazardous to Your Health
by John Berlau
Nelson Current, 2006, hardcover

According to Laissez Faire Books:

Many campaigns have been undertaken in the name of protecting our health and environment: the banning of asbestos, the encouragement of public transportation, the crusade against DDT. But in Eco-Freaks, award-winning journalist John Berlau shows that the law of unintended consequences is alive and well.

Berlau explores how environmental policies have worsened disasters like the malaria epidemic, Hurricane Katrina, and the attack on the World Trade Center. He also questions the very core of environmentalism, the idea that we should be taking care of the environment before ourselves. He points out how past generations viewed Mother Nature as a constant threat, not something to protect.

This is interesting stuff, and Berlau's fluid writing makes it very readable and very entertaining. If you want to look past the environmental propaganda, Eco-Freaks is the book for you.

250 pages


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this. The DDT ban has been a pet peeve of mine for a long time, and marks the worst cruelty that mankind has inflicted upon civilization. Just recently I listened to news program that featured a story on how bald eagle populations have rebounded and how the eagle is being downgraded from an "endangered" species to "threatened". The reporter blamed DDT for the population downturn and lauded the ban of DDT for the eagle's rebound.

Environmentalism gone amoch, including the DDT ban, is a frequent topic of Michael Crichton's essays, articles and statements before congress. Though lengthy (he is a novelist afterall) this writings very thorough streams of thought and are well worth reading. Though an author by vocation, Crichton is a Harvard educated physician and former research scientist.

Here's a link to his speeches page:

"Environmentalism As Religion" is a good one.

"Our Environmental Future" is a good read on current global warming mongering (as opposed to the global cooling mongering that occured in the 1970's).

Here's a link to his articles page. These focus mainly on medicine and cloning.

Thanks, Jim, for posting this.

Jim Fedako said...

Crichton is in a great video put out by The Independent Institute, States of Fear: Science or Politics.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I really have to wonder how kind or not the passage of time will be to both John Berlau and Eco-Freaks.

I think it is worth comparing this book to A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking.

At issue of course is global warming. Berlau has no scientific training and thinks it is a fallacy. Hawking is probably one of the most respected scientists ever and thinks otherwise.

It is possible that Berlau rejects science completely. Maybe that is why his book is as sparse as it is when it comes to hard facts.

Hawking does not take himself seriously, appearing on the Simpsons and so on. Berlau on the other hand takes himself very seriously. He surrounds himself with some very serious people! He counts Andrew Langer, Brooke Oberwetter, Jacob Sullum, Greg Conko, Jessica Melugin, Nick Gillespie, Charles Paul Freund, Marlo Lewis and Solveig Singleton as members of his peculiar little inner circle.

If you attack them, they put up blogs about you. If you attack Hawking, he just laughs.

I suspect you'll see Eco-Freaks for 99 cents on Amazon pretty soon and remaindered at Target and Wal-Mart not long after the Fourth of July, 2007, just a little prediction on my part.

Jim Fedako said...

10:21 hails from the DC area so I assume that he or she makes a living off the rest of us. Probably reaps a nice benefit by shouting the Chicken Little words, "The sky is falling." All the while, my taxes pay his or her salary.

Science of the political nature is simply the science of tax extraction.