Tuesday, April 24, 2007

You reap what you sow: What in the world is wrong in Olentangy?

"Last year we personally witnessed the sexual activity between two students in our lunchroom. That was eighth grade. We all knew of this, and half of us saw this event." 1
Public statement by a ninth grade Olentangy Liberty High School student at last night's board meeting.

In the lunchroom nonetheless. Oh, and the boy made this statement in support of the perverse books that the staff is pushing on students.

Students are simply acting out the situations that the teachers ask them to read and discuss. The schools no longer have any moral compass to guide them. And, this is the supposed public good that coercively takes my tax dollars.

Why should I have to pay for this nonsense? And, more importantly, why should any parent have to send their child into such an environment? If half of the students saw it, one has to assume that at least one staff member witnessed it.

OK, maybe the paid staff didn't witness this event. Maybe they knowingly ignore such behaviors, or maybe they are simply too inept to provide a safe environment for the children that parents love deeply. Any way you look at this mess, you have to conclude that it is a travesty.

The student continues, "That's why (The Perks of Being a Wallflower) is more interesting than the books we read." Certainly, if you expose children - that's right, children - to whatever goes on in the lunchroom 2, they will seek out the perverse world of some authors and teachers. Yet, why these adults want to inculcate young children is beyond me; it's actually quite disgusting.

To think, parents believe that the schools will protect their children. From this testimony - made with the student's parents in attendance at the meeting, one has to recognize that there is something very, very wrong in Olentangy.

After this statement, the board went about its business of self-congratulation over its Fulbright Scholars Program at Orange Middle School. The board mentioned nothing about the student's statement. I guess the board had to get back to work selling its PR message.

Have these people no shame?


(1) The statement is located around 23:20 of the April 23, 2007 meeting, available on the district's website.
(2) Keep in mind that this incident occurred in a public spot, the lunchroom. What is going outside of view?


Anonymous said...

This is what we get when our school board abdicates its core responsibility to "facilitate maximum learning for every student".

The president and vice president have been on the board so long that their roles have evolved from positions of oversight to pedestals of vanity.
Ms. Meiter: Why do you serve?
Mr. Reynolds: Why do you serve?
If it's for no better reason than to fight your hardest for quality turf for the Olentangy Braves football team, then step aside. If it's for no better reason than to self aggrandize about 12 Merit Scholars, who, it can be argued would be Merit Scholars no matter what district they attend, and not care about the outcomes of the other 200+ students, then step aside.

The Board--led by the president and vice president--have let the managment structure of our school district to invert from a functional, top-down organization to a dysfunctional bottom-up model where the teachers dictate what is taught in the schools in defiance of the curriculums prescribed by the administration and certified by the Board.

The principals refuse to discipline the teachers; the curriculum and education directors refuse to discipline the principals; the superintendent refuses to discipline his curriculum and education directors; and the Board, by their acceptance of all of this dysfunction, refuses to fulfill it's mission statement to "facilitate maximum learning for every student".

Anonymous said...

"...the teachers dictate what is taught in the schools in defiance of the curriculums prescribed by the administration and certified by the Board."

I'm sure there are some who use the classroom as a means of indoctrination (i.e. global warming hysteria), but for those of us who follow the proscribed curriculum we wish we had some control. We've been complaining that the curriculum is being watered down. It's frustrating. I disagree with the comment about Mr. Reynolds; Olentangy owes him a debt that we can never repay. I admire his nerve in calling out the parent who would vote down a district levy over a mascot.

I also have to say I liked your comment in the paper some time ago about how public education no longer examines the most important documents such as the Constitution, etc. I wish you had spoken up earlier.