Thursday, April 19, 2007

Hysteria and hysterics

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Hysteria and hysterics

In conjunction with the DVD release of the BBC's series, "Planet Earth: The Complete Series," AOL is currently offering a short quiz and a video contest.

Hysteria first: The 10-question quiz "Planet Earth by the Numbers" has a certain spin, to say the least. Note question 10, my favorite:

Question: According to some estimates, by 2050, CO2 levels may be as high as when ...

a. Elvis was alive
b. Dinosaurs ate early humans
c. Oceans were 300 feet higher
d. An ice age began

The answer is ...

Oceans were 300 feet higher.

The comment along with the answer: "If sea levels rise along with CO2 concentrations the effect could be devestating(sic) -- 10 percent of the world's population lives in coastal areas within 32 feet about sea level."

Set the new sea level at 300 feet and say goodbye to most of the populated in the US. Panicked? Have a good laugh to reduce the stress.

Hysterics: To win a copy of the DVD, AOL asks contestants to "(u)pload a video of yourself, a family member or a friend imitating an animal or presenting an Earth Day tip about how to protect the planet and you could win a 'Planet Earth: The Complete Series' DVD set!"

There you have it, the solution to global warming: Videos of committed Socialist Greens squawking and clucking the party line. I'm laughing already.

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