Tuesday, April 17, 2007

That irksome Hanushek

Can't Eric Hanushek mind his own business? The once soft-liberal is again questioning the benefit of additional money spent on public schools. Sounds like he's on to something once again. Consider this from the liberal busybodies at Education Sector:

Enough Already? School Funding and the Courts
"Money isn't everything," argue the contributors to a new book on school finance policy. "But not being everything, isn't the same as being nothing," responds Kevin Carey, Education Sector's research and policy manager. This week, Carey reviews the latest compendium of complaints against school finance lawsuits: Courting Failure: How School Finance Lawsuits Exploit Judges' Good Intentions and Harm Our Children.

Edited by economist Erik Hanushek, one of the nation's most prominent critics of conventional school-funding wisdom, Courting Failure assembles a number of arguments to show how schools can—and often do—misuse resources. Their critique centers on the legal idea of "adequacy," the notion that states are legally obligated to give schools enough money to help all students meet defined learning goals. By way of a number of court-mandated reforms, the adequacy principle is responsible for billions of dollars in new education funding over the last two decades. Led by Hanushek, Courting Failure's contributors aren't pleased. But Carey assesses what's behind this displeasure, counters anti-adequacy arguments, and explains why the era of school funding lawsuits is unlikely to end any time soon. more...

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