Monday, March 19, 2007

What educators read

Why, Educational Leadership from the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development of course. ASCD is highly respected by public educators; in fact your local schools have most likely implemented a number of programs that ASCD promotes.

OK, but what are they reading? Note the quote below from an article written by Richard Hanzelka, ASCD president:

"Regardless of international differences, we should all take heed of China's concern for the development of a whole child who is capable of being part of a harmonious society."

In an article reminiscent of John Dewey's excited report written soon after seeing his educational concepts incorporated in the schools of Soviet Russia, ASCD trumpets China's embrace of the "whole child."

For those new to such terminology, the "whole child" is the Progressive utopian child that is self-actualized, yet devoid of knowledge. Educators appeal to the concept of the "whole child" since it frees public schools from having to teach the three R's.

Parents, when you hear "whole child" mentioned at your child's school, think of the article below - the goal of this type of education - and you will understand why Olentangy college remediation rates are so high.

And people wonder why the education profession gets branded a socialist cartel, especially when the educationists want us to pursue the harmonious society that is Communist China.

Note: Your tax dollars pay for this rot. You simply cannot make up stuff this bizarre.

from a recent ASCD daily email:

Harmonious Learning for the Whole Child: Education Perspectives from China

Message from the President

Richard Hanzelka

As educators in the United States struggle to expand their view of learning to embrace the whole child and not just achievement test scores, it is encouraging to know that other nations are engaged in similar processes. China, a country I have been fortunate enough to visit twice in the last two years, is also challenging itself to build a system that addresses the whole child.

This summer I traveled to China to participate in the first China-U.S. Education Leadership Conference. What I learned and experienced expanded and clarified the impressions I formed during the ASCD Board of Directors trip to China in November 2005.
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Anonymous said...

Teaching this drivel doesn't free educators from having to teach traditional curricula so much as it acts as a convenient counterweight to falling scores in communication and computation (collectively, the "three R's").

Forget that critical reasoning is nowhere in Olentangy curricula as a discreet discipline, as long as Johnny and Janey know "The Seven Steps for Highly Effective Base Running" and they feel good about themselves (and they're actions are devoid of judgment), then their school experience was a success!

Because school outcomes are so poor educators place special emphasis on the education process. It's not the end result that is paramount anymore (which used to be good grades)--it's the process that serves as the benchmark of success. Johnny and Janey may be dumb as stumps as a result of such a retrograde education, but, thank goodness, they received "whole child" instruction!

Anonymous said...

Reading Hanzelka describe his educational awakening in China reminds me of John Kerry’s ebullient characterization of Sandinista “Agrarian, health and education reforms” when he returned from visiting Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua, in 1985. Alas, the aspiring dictator was not to be feared, but to be revered—and emulated!

The forward slap of Hanzelka’s enthusiastic embrace of the dopey “whole child” concept on the cheek of this reader’s sensibilities was quickly answered with a backslap to the other cheek with his obvious despisement of the “No Child Left Behind Act” (“When we allow the rhetoric of achievement and testing to control the dialogue…”). Right.

As the president of the Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development and someone who sets the agenda for public school curricula across the nation, I was frankly stunned to read Hanzelka’s fawning observation that, “I didn't hear the word ‘achievement’ once on either trip. Instead, the Chinese educators I met spoke constantly of ‘learning,’ ”.
Patsies used to be more measured in their ideological endorsements, but it’s obvious that Hanzelka feels quite at home on the ASCD website waxing virtuous on this kind of counter-education drivel. Who elected this guy? Who is he accountable to? The National People’s Congress? The Duma?? The Olentangy School Board??? (don’t be silly…the OSB holds no one accountable).

This article should be required reading for every parent of school age children to gain insight into how our educators’ minds work (for that matter, don’t work). That such an influential voice sees virtue in the social experimentation policies of other nations (particularly dysfunctional, socialist countries) should outrage every parent in our district.

Thank you, Mr. Fedako, for posting this.

Anonymous said...

your tax dollars aren't paying for this, your membership fees are. man, what an alarmist.

Anonymous said...

you think Hanzelka "sets the agenda for public school curricula across the nation"? are you really that naive?