Saturday, March 17, 2007

A comment worthy of reflection

Anonymous left the following comment that bridges the subjects of Bush in Venezuela and The Beacon articles from the Olentangy High School:

Bush is just trying to appeal to the socialistic (in)sensibilities of these Bolivarian dolts in a desperate attempt to keep CAFTA alive. Yes, what he was saying was jibberish; but it's jibberish Latino peasants react favorably to. If he'd spoken of "market forces" or "globalization" the crowds would have melted away on their donkeys or taken siesta.

More than 1 million Venezuelans have left their homeland in the last four years: more than half have emigrated to Spain or Miami--and the exodus is only increasing. The entrepreneurial capital that is draining from Venezuela is enormous, as it's largely the wealthy, business class that can afford to leave. What was the #1 reason why they're leaving? Because Chavez is changing state school curricula to a regime of socialist indoctrination, and parents are fearful for their children.

I ask is it that Venezuelan parents have the fortitude to uproot and relocate their families 1,400 miles to Miami or 4,300 miles to Madrid to ensure their children are being educated properly, but Olentangy parents don't have the interest to travel a few miles twice a month to school board meetings to see just how badly their children are served by the administration?
!Viva la Administracion!
!Viva Desde Mi Cielo!

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