Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Big Three of the Austrian School

The three most important books of the Austrian School of Economics are: Human Action by Ludwig von Mises; Man, Economy, and State by Murray Rothbard; and, The Economics and Ethic of Private Property by Hans-Hermann Hoppe.

Human Action is the basis of the modern Austrian School. In 956 pages, Mises establishes the principals of praxeology; the science of human action. Thus established, Mises then logically creates a school of economic thought through one central axiom; man uses means to obtains ends. Simple, and clear.

In Man, Economy, and State, Rothbard rewrites Human Action as a very readable college-level textbook. In addition, Rothbard extends some of Mises' concepts, most notably the harm resulting from government interventions in the economy.

Hoppe, in Ethic of Private Property, wraps the previous two texts into an unassailable case for freedom.

These books are available at The Store on In addition, The Ludwig von Mises Institute offers Human Action and Man, Economy, and State as free PDF downloads. Enjoy all three, and understand the wonders of Liberty through private property.


Anonymous said...

Enough with the advertising. Regular readers get it.

I'm trying to get a read on the rest of your political tilts.

1. Anti-public school (I concur)
2. Anti-Govt. wasteful spending (I concur)
3. Free market advocate (I concur)
4. Anti-war (I differ...I see radical Islamism as a real & present danger...and have for many years- they are like the Terminator, they will not stop)
5. Environment (you avoid this contentious issue...but since you were a bike racer, I'm believing you might be Gorette)
6. Govt. over-regulation (you kind of skip this one too...such as ridiculous smoking laws, over zealous safety regulations, warning labels, etc.)

Let's try to for a few more angles on this "Freedom" in life blog.


Jim Fedako said...

Search my blog for posting about my disgust over smoking bans.

I have written a lot about the environment. Read "Recycling is a Waste" at, or search look for articles on global warming that I have posted here and cross-posted at

I will re-post "Recycling" here in a few days.