Friday, March 16, 2007

Another selection from Laissez Faire Books

An interesting book to consider -- Jim Fedako

How Big-Government Conservatism Brought Down the Republican Revolution
by Michael D. Tanner
Cato Institute, 2007, hardcover

According to Laissez Faire Books:

March 2007 Lysander Spooner Award Winner!

What's happened to conservatism and what can true conservatives do to change it? Leviathan on the Right, the latest from Cato Institute's Michael Tanner, seeks to answer those questions.

Tanner looks at how some modern conservatives have given the term a bad name by backing the welfare state, moving towards national health care, allowing the president to seize more and more power, and "spending like drunken Democrats." He also details the roots of the Neo-Conservative movement (which just might surprise you) and proposes ideas on how to return conservatism to its small government ways.

Though this isn't the first book to condemn the modern perversion of conservatism, Tanner's thorough research and excellent writing might just make it the best.

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