Saturday, March 31, 2007

Former US Secretary of Education Speaks

Interesting book by Rod Paige, former US Secretary of Education. While I don't agree with much coming out of the federal education bureaucracy, it's obvious that Paige correctly understands this key issue.

Of course, for those of us who no longer support public education, the teachers' unions may be our best ally. Can you image another entity that will finally undo itself so wondrously? Very Hegelian - the unions create the contradiction that negates the public education system. Quite appealing.

The review is from The Center for Education Reform:

The War Against Hope: How Teachers' Unions Hurt Children, Hinder Teachers, and Endanger Public Education (Hardcover)
by Rod Paige (Author)

Everyone remembers - some with more fondness than others - writing those research reports that demonstrate what it is you learned from a project or activity. Well Rod Paige has just handed in his biggest research project from his tenure as Education Secretary. It deserves high marks for its candor, veracity and boldness on a subject that is prevalent in policy circles but almost non-existent in kitchen table conversations.

The War Against Hope: How Teachers' Unions Hurt Children, Hinder Teachers, and Endanger Public Education thoroughly and eloquently lays out the history of the teachers' union and how it has evolved into a political juggernaut that upholds the status quo and stands in the way of vital education reform. The book outlines education reformers' plan for change, saying that "accountability, transparency, and choice are the keys to excellence in American education," and subsequently describes how the unions have stood in the way of all three goals. From shocking education statistics to anecdotes of union atrocities (not firing teachers accused of sexual harassment and ineptitude), this book is a clarion call for the public to recognize that the teachers' unions do not have children's best interest in mind. Look for more on the book on our website and post your own opinion.

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