Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Is that the end?

The Mardy Hanlon-Stolte apology appeared in the Delaware Gazette today, but is that the end? Does anyone really believe that a directional change has occurred; a realization that it's time to return to traditional education? And that it's time to quit using schools as the testing ground for deconstructionism, post-structuralism, and all the other -isms that are harming future generations?

Based on comments left on my blog - though not fit for print - the district is only reacting to public scrutiny.[1] The district has circled the wagons and put on its public face, but don't begin to think that anything has really changed. Even the board has never publicly addressed the issue, other than for one board member to say that she was not "bothered" by the articles.

Keep in mind the amount of pressure that was required for the singular admission of wrong; though actually only an admission that some in the district had concerns over the articles, not that the subject matter of the articles were horribly inappropriate.

I don't believe the issue of inappropriate subject matter has been put to rest. The Beacon articles are just the latest in a constant string of such incidents that never quite seem to go away. Why? The inherent root cause remains after the public face comes out to say that all is OK. Well, it's not.

As it is time to move from this topic, I will leave the readers of this blog with one last observation:

I have posted articles here for almost a year, and the issues that have created the most heat, incited the most district employees, were the issues of inappropriate books and articles in the student newspaper.

I have posted articles showing the district's lagging scores, and got a yawn. I sent a letter to the local papers a while back regarding district spending, and got next to nothing. Yet, when I question what teachers are putting into the heads of students, the board, administration, and staff go into fits.

I have to ask my self, "Why such a strong defense regarding inappropriate subject matter?" The only answer I can come up with is that such subject matter is the true curriculum of some administrators and teachers.

These district employees do not see themselves as subject matter educators, such as English teachers, etc. In fact, based on district college remediation rates, it's obvious that they simply do not teach their subjects at all.

Instead, these employees inculcate students with the ideas of relativism; ideas that say no rules apply. The result is a forty or fifty year-old teacher leading children - that's right, children - down the path of The Beacon articles, while the rest of the staff simply goes along for the ride. Creepy, to say the least. Something to think about.

Keep your eyes out for the next eruption of inappropriateness coming out of the district schools; I call them eruptions since we only get the occasional glimpse of what lies beneath the surface. And, even the little glimpses are scary.

Something to think about, indeed...


[1] Sitemeter provides the ISP address of visitors to my blog. So, I can tell if a district computer was used to post a comment.

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Anonymous said...

"Is that the end?"

Not yet...
Defeating Feasel and Galloway will be my mission in life this year, as Feasel has clearly shown she's beyond her depth on the Board and Galloway shows no promise. Hopefully, Mr. Jamieson will stay on to create a reform-minded majority with two sane replacements.