Monday, March 26, 2007

Central planning and higher education

Gov. Strickland has set the goal of increasing Ohioans with colleges degrees by 230,000 within the next decade. An ambitious goal, but you would expect nothing less from a public servant.

Is it really that easy? Simply raise taxes in order to make college universal and watch the economic ills of Ohio disappear overnight; over the next decade anyway. Well, it's not that straight forward, as life is much more complex than populist statists imagine; sorry Strickand.

In order to achieve his arbitrary goal, Strickland would have to raise taxes, enroll more students - praying that they will all graduate at some point in time, and close the state's borders. You see, there is no reason to assume that the new college students will remain in Ohio once they have degree in hand. A degree is worthless without a substantial job offer.

The Ohio tax structure is already anti-business. Any additional taxes would only further discourage companies from moving to, or expanding in, Ohio. We have no mountain, sun, or sand, so we must foster a tax environment that is positive to business; a tax environment where all taxes are lower than other states within the US.

Increase taxes for higher education and watch the graduates leave the rustbelt for areas of business expansion. Remember, it's graduates moving to business, not the other way around.

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